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Order of Business 26/11/2019

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Senate Order of Business

No. 29 : Tuesday, 26 November 2019

At midday

1             Prayers and acknowledgement of country

2            Documents to be presented—pursuant to SO 61

(Consideration at item 12)

3            Tabling of documents by Clerk

4            Committees—proposed meetings to be authorised

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services—28 November 2019

Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee—26 November 2019

Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology—27 November and 4 December 2019

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights—27 November 2019

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee—2 December 2019

Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances—27 November 2019

5            Government business orders of the day

1      Customs Amendment (Growing Australian Export Opportunities Across the Asia-Pacific) Bill 2019

Customs Tariff Amendment (Growing Australian Export Opportunities Across the Asia-Pacific) Bill 2019 —in committee

2      Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill 2019 —second reading debate

3      Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Amendment (Air Pollution) Bill 2019 —second reading debate

4      Education Legislation Amendment (Tuition Protection and Other Measures) Bill 2019

VET Student Loans (VSL Tuition Protection Levy) Bill 2019

Higher Education Support (HELP Tuition Protection Levy) Bill 2019 —second reading debate

At 2 pm

6            Questions

7            Motions to take note of answers

8            Notices of motion

9            Placing of business

Postponements to be authorised

Senator Rice —Business of the Senate notice no. 1 to 5 December 2019

Committees—extensions of time to be authorised

Economics References Committee—Regional inequality—from 5 December 2019 to 25 June 2020

10         Formal motions

Government business

1          Minister for Families and Social Services ( Senator Ruston ) Consideration of disallowance motions

General business

269     Senator Bilyk —Order for production of documents and explanation by minister—Government response to Charity fundraising report

270      Senators Marielle Smith and Ciccone —Perinatal anxiety and depression

271       Senator Dean Smith —Grandparent of the year awards

272       Senator Gallagher —Australian Public Service

273      Senator Watt and others —Visa processing jobs in Queensland

274      Senator Farrell —Introduction of Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Transparency Measures—Real Time Disclosure) Bill 2019

275       Senator Farrell —Introduction of Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Transparency Measures—Lowering the Disclosure Threshold) Bill 2019

276     Senator Rice —Order for production of documents—Consultation on religious discrimination bill (altered 25 November 2019 - SO 77)

277       Senator Faruqi —Islamophobia in Australia

278      Senators Griff and McKim —Mr Behrouz Boochani (altered 25 November 2019 - SO 77)

279      Senator Griff —Holocaust education

280      Senator Whish-Wilson —Insurance claims for bushfires

281       Senator Siewert —Automated debt recovery

282      Senator McAllister —Paid domestic violence leave

283      Senator Hanson-Young —Great Australian Bight

284     Senator Siewert —Order for production of documents—Advice on Income Compliance Programme

285     Leader of the Australian Greens ( Senator Di Natale )—Australian charter of rights

286     Senator Waters and others —Stillbirth research and education

11          Matter of public importance—Senator Urquhart—

The repeated failure and belated acceptance by the Morrison Government to fix its harsh, inaccurate and almost certainly illegal Robodebt scheme.

 [Time limit: 60 minutes]

12         Consideration of documents

Documents tabled today, see page 4

[Time limit: 30 minutes]

13         Committee reports and government responses

Community Affairs Legislation Committee—Additional information—

Social Services Legislation Amendment (Drug Testing Trial) Bill 2019 [Provisions]

Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Income Management and Cashless Welfare) Bill 2019 [Provisions]

Government response presented out of sitting, see page 4

[Time limit per speaker: 10 minutes

Total time limit for all motions: 60 minutes]

14         Ministerial statements

15         Committee membership

16         Messages

Bill for concurrence—

Communications Legislation Amendment (Deregulation and Other Measures) Bill 2019

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Assistance and Access Amendments Review) Bill 2019

17         Business to be considered

Government business continued (see item 5)

18         Adjournment proposed—7.20 pm

19         Adjournment


Richard Pye

Clerk of the Senate


For debate at item 12

Government documents

1      Australian Public Service Commission—State of the service—Report for 2018-19.

2      Innovation and Science Australia—Report for 2018-19.

3      Surveillance Devices Act 2004 —Commonwealth Ombudsman’s report to the Minister for Home Affairs on agencies’ compliance for the period 1 January to 30 June 2019.

4     Tiwi Land Council—Report for 2018-19.

Government response presented out of sitting

For debate at item 13

Government response to committee report

5      Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee—Report—Performance of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and in particular its report on the June 2017 crash of a flight conducted on behalf of Angel Flight Australia—Government response, dated November 2019. [ Received 19 November 2019 ]