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General business


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Notices of Motion

Notice given 13 August 2018

    931   Senator Bartlett : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      in September 2017, the Douglas Shire Council in Far North Queensland formally opposed the Adani Carmichael mine project and any new coal mine operations in the Galilee Basin, and

                                               (ii)      on 8 August 2018, the Douglas Shire Council voted unanimously to submit a motion to the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) annual conference for the LGAQ to “make vigorous representations to the Queensland State Government urging it to immediately cease any considerations to supporting, financially or by any other means, and either directly or indirectly, the proposed Carmichael Coal Mining Project by Adani in the Galilee Basin”; and

                          (b)      calls on:

                                                (i)      the LGAQ Conference to support the Douglas Shire Council motion, and

                                               (ii)      the Queensland Government and the Federal Government to revoke all licences from the Adani Carmichael mine project and commit to no new coal mines in the Galilee Basin.

Notice given 15 August 2018

    972   Senator O’Sullivan : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the concepts of abortion and euthanasia specifically contradict the Hippocratic Oath - written nearly 2500 years ago - which is arguably the most famous text in Western medicine: “I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion”, and


                                               (ii)      the Queensland Labor Government’s proposed abortion laws will permit life termination at 22 weeks, which is a common age for expecting parents to be sharing images of ultrasounds due to the human form of the baby, and is a time in human development where babies have already formed lips and eyebrows and whose infused eyelids can discern the difference between light and dark; and

                          (b)      condemns:

                                                (i)      the Queensland Government for its repeated attempts to excessively overhaul state legislation on abortion, and

                                               (ii)      any law that would permit abortions based on gender-selection.

Notice given 16 August 2018

  *975   Chair of the Select Committee on Electric Vehicles ( Senator Storer ): To move—That the time for the presentation of the report of the Select Committee on Electric Vehicles be extended to 4 December 2018.

  *976   Senator Patrick : To move—That the Intelligence Services Amendment (Enhanced Parliamentary Oversight of Intelligence Agencies) Bill 2018 be referred to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security for inquiry and report by 12 November 2018.

  *977   Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that the ‘luxury’ car tax imposes a burden of an estimated $1 000 on popular cars, such as the Ford Ranger, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, and $1300 on the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado and Nissan Navara;

                          (b)      further notes that former South Australian Labor Treasurer, Mr Koutsantonis, called for the axing of the luxury car tax, citing that it would improve access to electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles;

                           (c)      also notes that the Australian Automobile Association asserts that the tax operated to protect a domestic Australian automotive manufacturing industry - an industry that no longer exists - and further estimates that the tax will add $5 billion to the cost of new cars over the next 4 years;

                          (d)      observes that, in January 2018, the then Deputy Prime Minister, Mr Joyce, voiced support for axing the tax; and

                           (e)      calls upon the Federal Government to abolish or reduce the impact of the luxury car tax on Australian car buyers.