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General business


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Notices of Motion

Notice given 13 August 2018

    931  Senator Bartlett : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      in September 2017, the Douglas Shire Council in Far North Queensland formally opposed the Adani Carmichael mine project and any new coal mine operations in the Galilee Basin, and

                                               (ii)      on 8 August 2018, the Douglas Shire Council voted unanimously to submit a motion to the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) annual conference for the LGAQ to “make vigorous representations to the Queensland State Government urging it to immediately cease any considerations to supporting, financially or by any other means, and either directly or indirectly, the proposed Carmichael Coal Mining Project by Adani in the Galilee Basin”; and

                          (b)      calls on:

                                                (i)      the LGAQ Conference to support the Douglas Shire Council motion, and

                                               (ii)      the Queensland Government and the Federal Government to revoke all licences from the Adani Carmichael mine project and commit to no new coal mines in the Galilee Basin.

    938  Senator Hanson-Young : To move—That, if by 13 September 2018—

                          (a)      the government business order of the day relating to the consideration of the National Broadcasters Legislation Amendment (Enhanced Transparency) Bill 2017; and

                          (b)      the government business order of the day relating to the consideration of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Amendment (Fair and Balanced) Bill 2017,

have not been finally considered, these orders of the day shall be discharged from the Notice Paper.

Notice of motion altered on 15 August 2018 pursuant to standing order 77.

    946  Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants enables the United Nations General Assembly to work towards a global compact for migration, including an intergovernmental conference to occur later this year;

                          (b)      further notes the comments attributed to the Minister for Home Affairs that Australia will not sign any migration compact in its current form, notwithstanding Australia’s prior role in developing the agreement; and

                           (c)      calls upon the Minister for Home Affairs, and other relevant ministers, to desist from taking any further steps towards Australia becoming a signatory to, or enacting, any elements of the global compact.

    947  Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes the growing concerns around Australia of the sustained historically high levels of immigration to Australia; and

                          (b)      calls upon the Australian Government to halve the current immigration intake.

    948  Senator Bernardi : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that the Medical Board of Australia has proposed a new code of conduct that arguably curtails the free speech of doctors;

                          (b)      further notes that the Australian Medical Association in its submission on the revised code states “Section 2.1 of the draft revised Code could be seen as trying to control what doctors say in the public arena by stifling doctors’ right to publicly express both personal and professional opinions, while also undermining doctors’ contribution to the diversity of public opinion, debate, and discourse”; and

                           (c)      welcomes the voices of common sense defending free speech and urges the Minister for Health to work with responsible ministers and agencies to ensure doctors retain their freedom of speech.

Notice given 15 August 2018

  *961  Leader of the Australian Greens ( Senator Di Natale ): To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes:

                                                (i)      the growing prominence of business events that enable direct and private access to senior members of Parliament, such as the Australian Labor Party’s Business Observer Summit, the Liberal Party’s Millennium Forum and The National’s National Policy Forum, and

                                               (ii)      the failure of Australia’s political donation laws to require the disclosure of payments for these events because there is contractual consideration, they are therefore not classified as a ‘gift’ under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 that would mandate public disclosure;

                          (b)      acknowledges that political donations enable access and influence policy decisions made by political parties and that these events are shrouded in secrecy; and

                           (c)      resolves that, in the interest of good government, political parties should voluntarily disclose the attendees of these events and the amount of money provided by these businesses to political parties during these events.

  *962  Senators Duniam and Polley: To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes with deep regret the recent decision by WIN TV to produce and read Tasmanian local news out of New South Wales, and the loss of local jobs and content as a result of this decision; and

                          (b)      reaffirms the importance of local news content, and calls on all media outlets to maximise local news production and content as part of their operations.

  *963  Senators O’Neill, Payne, McAllister, Molan, Cameron, Fierravanti-Wells, Keneally, Williams, Leyonhjelm and Burston: To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes the contribution that rugby league makes to the health and enjoyment of Australians; and

                          (b)      congratulates the New South Wales’ (NSW) State of Origin coach, Mr Brad Fittler, and the NSW Blues for winning the 2018 State of Origin series.

Notice of motion altered on 15 August 2018 pursuant to standing order 77.

  *964  Leader of the Australian Greens ( Senator Di Natale ): To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that today, 4 million Australians, or almost 20 per cent of the population, are living with allergy and allergic diseases;

                          (b)      recognises that over the last 20 years, hospital admissions due to anaphylaxis have increased five-fold, 10 per cent of infants now have food allergies, drug allergy-induced anaphylaxis deaths have increased by 300 per cent, and drug allergy-induced anaphylaxis presentations have trebled;

                           (c)      is deeply concerned by the recent death of a young child in Western Australia, and several near misses across the country, as a result of food allergies;

                          (d)      recognises the work of Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA), as well as other partner organisations, in developing the National Allergy Strategy for Australia, published three years ago in August 2015;

                           (e)      recognises that the National Allergy Strategy is the single, national resource for the community, medical profession and policy makers in providing strategic goals to reduce the incidence of allergy-related deaths and harm in Australia; and

                           (f)      calls on the Federal Government to ensure significant ongoing, long-term funding for the National Allergy Strategy.

  *965  Senator Sterle : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      since recordkeeping commenced in 1925, there have been over 190 000 deaths on Australia’s roads,

                                               (ii)      over the last ten years, there have been 14 525 road fatalities in Australia,

                                             (iii)      during the 2017 calendar year, there were 1 225 road deaths across Australia,

                                             (iv)      in 2018 so far, there have been 665 deaths on Australian roads, and

                                              (v)      the annual economic cost of road crashes in Australia is estimated at $27 billion per annum, and the social impacts are devastating;

                          (b)      recognises that according to the Government’s own website, “the Australian Government is responsible for regulating safety standards for new vehicles, and for allocating infrastructure resources, including for safety, across the national highway and local road networks”, and “the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has a range of functions that support the Australian Government’s role in road safety. These include: administering vehicle safety standards for new vehicles, administering the National Black Spot Program and other road funding, administering the keys2drive program, producing national road safety statistics, and coordinating the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020”; and

                           (c)      calls on the Australian Government to:

                                                (i)      acknowledge that almost 90 per cent of the National Road Safety Strategy targets will not be met by 2020,

                                               (ii)      acknowledge that fewer than one in ten KPls are likely to be met and that a quarter of KPls still are not even being measured, and

                                             (iii)      provide a guarantee that the National Road Safety Strategy is being monitored, and that changes will be made to reach the agreed targets if they are not on track to be met.

  *966  Senator Collins : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      express its disappointment in the Turnbull Government for its chaotic and disunified approach to energy policy; and

                          (b)      notes that the Prime Minister’s compromise policy on the National Energy Guarantee will not see a single renewable energy project built for a decade, an energy plan that will see the rates of installation of rooftop solar cut by a half, and an energy plan that will channel billions and billions of taxpayers’ money to building new coal-fired power stations.

  *967  Senator Anning : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      acknowledges the absolute right of the Australian people to determine who comes to this country;

                          (b)      notes that, in reference to the immigration policy of this government giving preference to Europeans, former Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies stated, “I don’'t want to see reproduced in Australia the kind of problem they have in South Africa or in America or increasingly in Great Britain. I think it’s been a very good policy and it’s been of great value to us”; and

                           (c)      calls on the Federal Government to hold a plebiscite to allow the Australian people to decide whether they want:

                                                (i)      to continue the current indiscriminate immigration policy that allows Muslims to come into this country, or

                                               (ii)      to return to the predominantly European immigration policy supported by Sir Robert Menzies.

  *968  Leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party ( Senator Hinch ): To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      Pure Compound Sodium Fluoroacetate (‘1080’) poison is classified by the World Health Organization as a Class l(a) poison - their highest rating for toxicity,

                                               (ii)      in Australia, 1080 is listed as a schedule 7 poison, surpassed only by addictive, illicit and other prohibited substances, and is considered a chemical of security concern by the Australian Government

                                             (iii)      despite most other countries adopting alternative, more humane, pest-management strategies, Australia and New Zealand account for the vast majority of 1080 use worldwide,

                                             (iv)      1080 poison is a cruel alternative to other known methods of pest control, including poisons with effective antidotes, and

                                              (v)      1080 poison is aerially distributed across Australia, including often untracked use throughout national parks, leaving other species and domesticated animals susceptible to agonising deaths that can last as long as five days; and

                          (b)      calls on the Federal Government to regulate for the orderly phase-out of 1080 poison.

  *969  Senator Whish-Wilson : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that the draft report of the Productivity Commission, assessing the efficiency and competitiveness of superannuation, concluded that Australian Prudential Regulation Authority’s (APRA) behind-closed-doors approach to regulation:

                                                (i)      makes it difficult to assess whether the regulator is effectively curtailing poor behaviour, and

                                               (ii)      suggests that, even if APRA’s approach is effective, the lack of public enforcement provides limited discouragement for poor behaviour elsewhere;

                          (b)      notes the observations of counsel assisting, Michael Hodge, QC, in his opening address to the fifth round of hearings of the Royal Commission Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (Royal Commission) that, regarding the regulation of superannuation:

                                                (i)      there may be an inherent tension between regulators maintaining financial system stability and regulators taking public enforcement action, and

                                               (ii)      there is not a dedicated conduct regulator for superannuation trustees in Australia;

                           (c)      notes the revelation from the Royal Commission on 14 August 2018 that:

                                                (i)      Colonial First State failed to transfer 15 000 members into MySuper accounts within the legislated timeframe, and

                                               (ii)      APRA failed to prosecute Colonial First State for these breaches which amount to 15 000 individual offences that could attract a total maximum fine of $157 million; and

                          (d)      expresses concern:

                                                (i)      that the responsibility for conduct regulation of superannuation is ambiguous,

                                               (ii)      that APRA’s approach to compliance and enforcement of breaches by superannuation funds falls short of community expectations, and

                                             (iii)      that the best of interests of members are not being served as a result.



  *970  Leader of the Australian Greens ( Senator Di Natale ): To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that over recent times, the Senate has witnessed:

                                                (i)      Senator Hanson wear a burqa in the Senate chamber, with the purpose to ridicule a religious community,

                                               (ii)      Senator Leyonhjelm use sexism to attempt to belittle and intimidate a fellow parliamentarian, and

                                             (iii)      Senator Anning use racism and hate speech, including language from the Holocaust, to incite hatred against the entire Muslim community;

                          (b)      seeks to ensure that hate speech and intimidatory behaviour do not go unfettered in the Senate under the name of parliamentary privilege;

                           (c)      notes that the Member for lndi, Ms McGowan, has tabled a motion in the House of Representatives to develop a code of conduct for members of Parliament and their staff;

                          (d)      agrees that, as a Parliament, we must stand up against unacceptable behaviours; and

                           (e)      gives in-principle support to include in the Senate standing orders a code of conduct, with the aim of preventing a senator behaving in such a way, or using language, which is discriminatory or incites hatred towards a community.

  *971  Senator O’Sullivan : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      acknowledges:

                                                (i)      that, earlier this year, Australian Greens representatives travelled to Brussels to promote a documentary film, and repeat claims that kangaroo populations are at serious risk of extinction across Australia,

                                               (ii)      a media statement made, on 5 March 2018, by former Senator Rhiannon stating “myths about kangaroos are uncritically repeated as facts in Australia and abroad”,

                                             (iii)      that despite the repeated claims by the Australian Greens to the contrary, it is widely and publically recorded that there have been no adverse long-term impacts on kangaroo populations after more than 30 years of harvesting under commercial management plans; in fact, there are an estimated 48 million kangaroos across Australia today, compared with only 27 million in 2010,

                                             (iv)      that more than three decades of data proves the sustainable harvest quota for kangaroos is always well below actual population estimates, and the actual quota levels have almost never been met,

                                              (v)      that there have been decades of sound, sustainable management of kangaroo harvesting that has been consistently confirmed by kangaroo management reviews, carried out by independent scientists,

                                             (vi)      that, despite making this data publically available, the kangaroo meat and hide industry has long been forced to battle against the boisterous, yet unfounded, claims by the Greens, and the broader animal liberation movement, that kangaroos are somehow at risk of extinction, and

                                           (vii)      that the National Code of Practice for the Humane shooting of kangaroos for commercial purposes, agreed to by all states in 2008, must be complied with under each state’s management plans;

                          (b)      recognises the thousands of families across rural Australia that derive some income from the kangaroo harvesting trade; and

                           (c)      supports public policy that:

                                                (i)      encourages the humane and sustainable harvesting of the kangaroo population, and

                                               (ii)      encourages trade expansion of kangaroo products.

  *972  Senator O’Sullivan : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes that:

                                                (i)      the concepts of abortion and euthanasia specifically contradict the Hippocratic Oath - written nearly 2500 years ago - which is arguably the most famous text in Western medicine: “I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel; and in like manner I will not give to a woman a pessary to produce abortion”, and

                                               (ii)      the Queensland Labor Government’s proposed abortion laws will permit life termination at 22 weeks, which is a common age for expecting parents to be sharing images of ultrasounds due to the human form of the baby, and is a time in human development where babies have already formed lips and eyebrows and whose infused eyelids can discern the difference between light and dark; and

                          (b)      condemns:

                                                (i)      the Queensland Government for its repeated attempts to excessively overhaul state legislation on abortion, and

                                               (ii)      any law that would permit abortions based on gender-selection.

  *973  Senator O’Sullivan : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      notes:

                                                (i)      that the Australian Defence Force has recently drawn headlines following an indication it could end the use of gender-specific pronouns, and enforce a new language regime on our defence personnel,

                                               (ii)      that the Victorian public service, with support from the Victorian Government, has commenced a campaign to enforce the belief that masculine and feminine pronouns are somehow restricting,

                                             (iii)      that in 2016, the Queensland Government ended its inclusion of male or female in drivers’ licence information, following complaints from the gender-diverse community,

                                             (iv)      the bully and intimidation from some within the gender-diverse community towards iconic Australian comedian Mr Barry Humphries - a man who has been a public trailblazer in challenging community expectations surrounding gender stereotypes - when he questioned the legitimacy of expanding bathrooms, and indoctrinating children in certain social outlooks relating to gender,

                                              (v)      that Qantas made international headlines earlier this year when it was revealed it would focus on directing staff language and behaviour, as part of a so-called ‘Spirit of Inclusion’ month that would “recognise reality” by forcing staff to follow a strict language regime by replacing language such as husband, wife, mum and dad to avoid any potential offence potentially felt by same-gender couples, and

                                             (vi)      that the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Mr Parkinson, has repeatedly stated his belief in the highly contentious concept of “unconscious bias”, and has spent millions of taxpayer dollars attempting to find evidence to support his personal beliefs and alter the personal actions of staff under his control;

                          (b)      reaffirms its support for free and fearless speech, and open and honest discourse as foundations of western civilisation;

                           (c)      rejects any attempt to enforce an overhaul of longstanding language usage for innocuous and benevolent terms that are spoken with no intended malice; and

                          (d)      condemns any form of crusading, bullying, intimidation and use of authority by government, activists and corporate leaders that attempts to stifle free speech by enforcing a specific world viewpoint on linguistics and social policy.


  *974  Senator Siewert : To move—That the Senate—

                          (a)      acknowledges the release of the Australian Council of Social Service and UNSW Sydney report, Inequality in Australia 2018 ;

                          (b)      recognises that the report found that wealth inequality is increasing and, with regards to income inequality, someone in the top 1 per cent of the income scale earns more in a fortnight than someone in the lowest 5 per cent earns in a year;

                           (c)      acknowledges that our social safety net currently fails to protect those seeking work from falling into poverty;

                          (d)      notes that the Australian Council of Social Service calls for an increase of $75 a week to allowance payments for single people from 1 January 2019; and

                           (e)      urges the Federal Government to increase the single rate of Newstart and related allowances by $75 a week.

Orders of the Day

         1  Law and Justice—Racial Discrimination Act—Section 18C

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Moore —That the Senate notes that the Prime Minister (Mr Turnbull) has repeatedly said making changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act is ‘not a priority’ but has refused to rule them out ( Senator Cameron , in continuation, 1 September 2016 ).

         2  Administration—Commonwealth procurement rules

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Kakoschke-Moore, also on behalf of Senators Xenophon and Griff —That the Senate—

                          (a)       notes that:

                                                (i)      the value of Commonwealth Government procurement contracts in the 2014-2015 financial year was more than $59 billion,

                                               (ii)      the current Commonwealth Procurement Rules fail to take into account the social and economic effects of buying and procuring Australian made goods and local services,

                                             (iii)      asbestos has been found in building products imported into Australia as part of projects funded by governments, and

                                             (iv)      it was disclosed this week, that in April 2015, the Department of Defence awarded a $9 million contract for non-combat uniforms for the Australian Defence Force to a company that will have the uniforms made overseas rather than Australia; and

                          (b)       calls on the Government to amend the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, in order to take into account:

                                                (i)      the economic, social and environmental effects of local procurement, including employment outcomes, tax receipts and economic growth,

                                               (ii)      the need for Australian Standards to be complied with in any procurement decision, and

                                             (iii)      whole of life benefits of a local procurement ( 15 September 2016 ).

         3  Children—Victoria—Child protection

Adjourned debate on the motion of the Leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party ( Senator Hinch )—That the Senate notes that—

                          (a)       seventeen children in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria died between July and September this year;

                          (b)       six children who were Department of Health and Human Services clients in Victoria were killed by ‘nonĀ­-accidental trauma’ last year; and

                          (c)       outsourcing the care and welfare of our most vulnerable children should be reviewed ( Senator Lines , in continuation, 1 December 2016 ).

         4  Transport—Western Australia—Perth Freight Link—Non-compliance statement—Order for production of document

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Ludlam —That the Senate take note of the statement ( Senator Lines , in continuation, 14 February 2017 ).

         5  Energy policy

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Xenophon —That the Senate notes Australia’s energy crisis, its impact on consumers, businesses and the broader economy, and the need for urgent and effective responses ( Senator Williams , in continuation, 15 June 2017 ).

         6  Energy policy

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Cameron —That the Senate—

                          (a)       notes Government policy inaction is driving up electricity prices, and a Clean Energy Target is the solution to crippling policy paralysis;

                          (b)       observes that the Government refuses to act, citing any and all excuse to delay, when everyone knows it is internal Coalition division and the weakness of the Prime Minister that are really to blame; and

                          (c)       recognises that Australians deserve real leadership on energy and it is clearer every day that they will not get it from Prime Minister Turnbull ( 7 September 2017 ).

         7  Voluntary assisted dying legislation

Adjourned debate on the motion of the Leader of Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party ( Senator Hinch )—That the Senate—

                          (a)       congratulates Victoria on the recent passage of voluntary assisted dying legislation;

                          (b)       encourages all Australian states to follow suit; and

                          (c)       calls upon the Federal Government to respect the wishes of the residents of all Australian territories with regards to dying with dignity ( Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Senator Canavan , in continuation, 30 November 2017 ).

         8  School funding—South Australia and Tasmania

Adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Urquhart —That the Senate—

                          (a)       acknowledges that the $210 million funding cut to South Australian schools and $68 million in Tasmanian schools, in 2018 and 2019, means that schools will face significant cuts; and

                          (b)       calls on the Australian Government to immediately reinstate the funding previously committed to South Australian and Tasmanian schools ( Senator Gallacher , in continuation, 15 February 2018 ).

         9  Asbestos—National management and disposal plan

Adjourned debate on the motion of the Leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ( Senator Hanson )—That the Senate—

                          (a)       notes the urgent need to establish an effective, safe means of eradicating asbestos from our community which does not result in landfill contamination, which in itself becomes an environmental hazard; and

                          (b)       calls on the Government to co-ordinate a national asbestos management and disposal plan ( Senator Williams , in continuation, 22 March 2018 ).