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Orders for production of documents


    554  Registered Organisation Commission investigation of the Australian Workers’ Union—Order for production of documents

By the Minister for Employment, by no later than 3.30 pm on 16 November 2017, emails, messages, file notes, memos and forms, question time briefs, including draft briefs, relating to the execution of a search warrant on AWU premises in relation to the ROC investigation. ( Motion of Senator Cameron agreed to 14 November 2017. )

  *564  Master Facility Agreements—Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility—Order for production of documents

By the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, by no later than 12.45 pm on 16 November 2017, copies of Master Facility Agreements agreed between the Federal Government and the Governments of Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. ( Motion of Senator Rice agreed to 15 November 2017. )