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Notice given 4 October 2011

1265   Senator Siewert: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Social Inclusion—

(1) Is the Minister aware that the Victorian Department of Transport is ignoring the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (the Act) by ordering $300 million worth of new trams which do not meet federal standards.

(2) Will the Commonwealth  be providing any of the funds for these trams.

(3) Has any rationale been provided as to why the decision was made to order these new trams when they did not comply with the requirements of the Act.

(4) Is the Minister concerned that the Victorian Department of Transport in ordering trams that do not meet federal standards is discriminating against people with a disability.

(5) Is the Minister concerned that people living with a disability will not be able to use public transport.

1266  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities—With reference to the answer provided to question on notice no 909 (Senate, Hansard , 20 September 2011, p. 91):

(1) In relation to (2) of the answer, were the discussions referred to held prior to the importation of fox scats.

(2) Were any fox scats imported into Tasmania without the ‘freezing’ treatment; if so, can the number or weight of that which was imported be listed.