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Notice given 6 September 2011

1088  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—In regard to the Pontville Detention Centre:

(1) How many mattresses have been supplied to the centre.

(2) From where were the mattresses sourced and how much did they cost.

(3) Did the mattresses fit the beds that had already been delivered; if not:

(a) were extra mattresses bought; if so, at what cost and from whom; and

(b) what happened with the mattresses that did not fit and was any money refunded; if so, can details be provided.

1090  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—With reference to the answer to question on notice no. 894 relating to the Pontville Detention Centre:


 (1) What percentage of the new accommodation required will be by way of: (a) rental agreements; and (b) procurement.

(2) With which company, or companies, are the rental agreements and what are the value and lengths of those agreements.

(3) What is the value of the procurement agreements and with which companies are those agreements.

(4) Can a list be provided identifying which buildings will be placed on the department’s asset registers.

(5) Paragraph (2) of the answer to question on notice no. 894 states that ‘Rental agreements are in place or are currently being finalised for the hire of a number of other structures’: can a list be provided advising which buildings have rental agreements in place and which buildings are still having rental agreements finalised. 

(6) Who will bear the cost and responsibility of insurance for the:

(a) procured facilities; and

(b) rented facilities.

(7) Is it accepted that the so called 6 month period for the centre’s life is to commence on 1 September 2011.

(8) What is the commencement date of each rental agreement and how much rental has been paid on all these buildings up to and including 31 August 2011.

(9) Has a community liaison group been established at Pontville; if so:

(a) when was it established;

(b) who are its members;

(c) how were members of the liaison group chosen; and

(d) by whom were members of the liaison group chosen.

1093  Senator Colbeck: To ask the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research—

(1) For each program administered by the department and each agency in the Minister’s portfolio:

(a) what are the staffing numbers, by location;

(b) how many regulations are associated with each program and can a list of those regulations by title be provided; and

(c) what is the cost: (i) administered and (ii) departmental.

(2) What are the staffing numbers for each of the Minister’s cross-portfolio programs, according to department and agency.

(3) In respect of premises owned and/or occupied by the department and each agency in the Minister’s portfolio:

(a) what is the location of each;

(b) how many are: (i) leased, (ii) owned, and (iii) rented;

(c) what is the size of each;

(d) what is the annual cost per square metre of each that is: (i) rented, and (ii) leased; and

(e) what is the: (i) value, and (ii) 2010-11 depreciation, of each building owned and/or occupied.

(4) For each board within the Minister’s portfolio:

(a) what is its title;


 (b) what are the: (i) terms, and (ii) tenure, of its appointment; and

(c) who are the members.

(5) What was the 2010-11 expenditure for the Minister’s portfolio, in total, and according to each program, for:

(a) advertising;

(b) travel, including: (i) business, (ii) economy, (iii) first class, (iv) international, and (v) domestic;

(c) hospitality and entertainment;

(d) information and communications technology;

(e) consultants;

(f) education and training of staff;

(g) external: (i) accounting, (ii) auditing, and (iii) legal services; and

(h) memberships or grants paid to affiliate organisations.