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Notice given 15 November 2010

195  Senator Hanson-Young: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities—

(1) Can a detailed breakdown be provided of all state priority projects that are being funded, are to be funded in the future, or are under consideration for funding under the $3.7 billion set aside for that purpose under the Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure program, and for each project:

(a) what is the nature of the project;

(b) whether the state government has submitted project details: if so, when;

(c) whether the Commonwealth Government has requested more information from the proponent of each project, or approved the project, and if so, when;

(d) what is the cost of the project;

(e) what are the benefits that the project will deliver;

(f) how much water savings will the project deliver and at what cost;

(g) how much of the water ‘saved’ in each project would normally flow back to rivers and other wetlands if the project was not implemented; and


 (h) whether it is possible for the Commonwealth to not proceed with funding the project and why.

(2) How much money remains of the original $3.7 billion.

(3) (a) What federal money is presently available to assist Murray-Darling Basin communities to transition to a lower water future, aside from money that will be used for water buybacks and irrigator efficiency; and

(b) how does the Government presently plan to spend that money.