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Notice given 27 October 2010

172  Senator Cormann: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs—

(1) What Indigenous communities (or trusts associated with Indigenous communities) receive royalty payments in excess of $500 000 per annum and, for each of these communities: (a) what was their resident population at the last official recording; (b) how many recipients of old age pensions were resident; and (c) how many recipients of a government working age payment were resident.


 (2) Have any audits or other reviews of these communities been undertaken by the department to ensure that royalty payments are being used for the benefit of the community; if so, when did each review take place and what was its outcome.

(3) What oversight exists to ensure that royalty payments to Indigenous communities, and meant to benefit that community, are not simply paid out to one or more individuals within the community.

(4) Is the department aware of any cases of the age pension being withdrawn as a result of direct royalty payments exceeding allowable thresholds for pension benefits to continue; if so, how many cases and what was the date the pension was withdrawn.

(5) Given that significant royalty payments are being made to Indigenous communities, is the Minister satisfied that widespread breaches of pensions or other working age payments are not occurring; if so, what is the evidence that supports the Minister’s view.