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Business of the Senate

Notices of Motion

Notice given 26 October 2010

Senator Heffernan: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Rural Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 November 2011:

The management of the Murray-Darling Basin, and the development and implementation of the Basin Plan, with particular reference to:

(a) the implications for agriculture and food production and the environment;

(b) the social and economic impacts of changes proposed in the Basin;

(c) the impact on sustainable productivity and on the viability of the Basin;

(d) the opportunities for a national reconfiguration of rural and regional Australia and its agricultural resources against the background of the Basin Plan and the science of the future;

(e) the extent to which options for more efficient water use can be found and the implications of more efficient water use, mining and gas extraction on the aquifer and its contribution to run off and water flow;

(f) the opportunities for producing more food by using less water with smarter farming and plant technology;

(g) the national implications of foreign ownership, including:

(i) corporate and sovereign takeover of agriculture land and water, and

(ii) water speculators;

(h) means to achieve sustainable diversion limits in a way that recognises production efficiency;

(i) options for all water savings including use of alternative basins; and

(j) any other related matters.

Notice of motion altered on 27 October 2010 pursuant to standing order 77.

Notice given 27 October 2010

*2  Senators Xenophon and Bushby: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Economics References Committee for inquiry and report by 31 March 2011:

Competition within the Australian banking sector, including:

(a) the current level of competition between bank and non-bank providers;

(b) the products available and fees and charges payable on those products;

(c) how competition impacts on unfair terms that may be included in contracts;

(d) the likely drivers of future change and innovation in the banking and non-banking sectors;

(e) the ease of moving between providers of banking services;

(f) the impact of the large banks being considered ‘too big to fail’ on profitability and competition;


 (g) regulation that has the impact of restricting or hindering competition within the banking sector, particularly regulation imposed during the global financial crisis;

(h) opportunities for, and obstacles to, the creation of new banking services and the entry of new banking service providers;

(i) assessment of claims by banks of cost of capital;

(j) any other policies, practices and strategies that may enhance competition in banking, including legislative change;

(k) comparisons with relevant international jurisdictions;

(l) the role and impact of past inquiries into the banking sector in promoting reform; and

(m) any other related matter.

Order of the Day

*1  Procedure—Standing Committee—Third report of 2010—Question time - temporary order; Correction of divisions after misadventure; Procedure for consideration of private senators’ bills

Consideration ( 27 October 2010 ).