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Notice given 16 April 2009

1487  Senator Ludlam: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—

(1) In regard to the case of R v Jack Thomas , can the Attorney-General provide total expenditure and costings for the investigation and prosecution of each bail application that was opposed, the first trial, the appeal, the applications for control orders, the second trial and all disbursements including counsel’s fees, for each of the following agencies:

 (a) the department;

(b) the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP);

(c) the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS);

(d) the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO); and

(e) the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

(2) In regard to the case of Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v Haneef , can the Attorney-General provide the total expenditure and costings for all disbursements including counsel’s fees and travel, for the following agencies:

(a) the department;

(b) the CDPP;

(c) the AGS;

(d) ASIO; and

(e) the AFP.


 (3) In regard to the case of R v Vinayagamoorthy, Yathavan and Rajeevan ( Operation Halophyte ) in which all charges regarding the Commonwealth criminal code were recently withdrawn, can the Attorney-General confirm, including costs expended in resisting subpoena issued by the defence for all organisations:

(a) the total expenditure of the department;

 (b) the total expenditure of the CDPP including each bail application, pre trial argument, voir dire and all preparatory work;

(c) the costs claimed by Mark Dean, SC, for the prosecution and for junior counsel briefed;

(d) the costs claimed for travel taken by Mark Dean, SC, in this case, and for travel taken by CDPP solicitors in that case;

(e) the costs of all disbursements incurred by CDPP;

(f) the total expenditure by the AFP on the Operation Halophyte investigation from its commencement in January 2006 until present, including costs of all travel for the AFP and Sri Lankan Police travelling to Australia;

(g) the AFP expenditure on monitoring Tamils in Australia each year from 2002;

(h) the total expenditure of the AGS; and

(i) the total expenditure by ASIO.

(4) In regard to Mr David Hicks, can the Attorney-General confirm:

(a) the total expenditure by ASIO; and

(b) the total expenditure by the AFP.

(5) In regard to Mr Mamdouh Habib, can the Attorney-General confirm:

(a) the total expenditure by ASIO; and

(b) the total expenditure by the AFP.