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Notice given 30 April 2009

*1491  Senator Minchin: To ask the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy—

(1) How many and which: (a) Acts; and (b) legislative instruments, including select legislative instruments, statutory rules and regulations, are administered within the Minister’s portfolio.

(2) Have any reviews or stocktakes been done on any of the Acts and legislative instruments mentioned in (1) above; if so: (a) can details be provided of each review and/or stocktake; and (b) did any of these reviews or stocktakes identify whether they are redundant or superseded by other Acts or legislative instruments; if so, which ones have been identified as redundant or superseded.

*1492  Senator Minchin: To ask the Minister representing the Prime Minister—

(1) How many new Government websites (i.e. additional ‘’ domain names) have been created since 27 August 2008.

(2) What are these websites.

(3) Who designed these websites.

(4) Who updates and maintains the content on each website.

(5) How many staff in each department are employed to maintain these websites.

(6) What was the total cost for the design of each website.