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Notice given 15 January 2009

1215  Senator Cormann: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Ageing—

(1) Can a breakdown be provided for the 2008-09 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR), by state and territory, of the number of: (a) high care places available; (b) high care places sought; (c) low care places available; and (d) low care places sought.

(2) Are applicants in the 2008-09 ACAR assessed on the basis of having experience in the provision of aged care services and/or the financial capacity to provide the beds they apply for.

(3) How many of the applicants in the 2008-09 ACAR had no previous experience in providing aged care services.

(4) Of the bed licences granted in each of the years 2003 to 2008, how many have not been: (a) built; and (b) surrendered.


 1216  Senator Fifield: To ask the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy—Has the Australian Broadcasting Corporation undertaken a review of the content of the ‘Planet Slayer’ website; if so: (a) what was the outcome of that review; (b) when will the Minister release the review; and (c) will the review be posted online for the general public to access; if not, why not.

1217  Senator Bob Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—Having yet to receive a response to questions taken on notice during the 2008-09 supplementary Budget estimates hearings of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee, can the Minister also provide answers to the following:

(1) Has BHP Billiton announced that it will not be going ahead with mining on Gag Island, Indonesia.

(2) What representations, direct or indirect, have been made to Indonesia by Australia or any Australian mining company regarding Gag Island or its inclusion on the World Heritage List.

1218  Senator Milne: To ask the Minister for Climate Change and Water—Will the Commonwealth Government act to ensure the $140 million allocated to Tasmania for irrigation projects is not spent on projects such as the proposed Boobyalla Dam (otherwise known as the Waterhouse Dam) which would destroy Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) protected forest community types and state- and Commonwealth-listed threatened species and noted priority species for protection under the Tasmanian RFA; if not, why not.

1219  Senator Milne: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—

(1) In regard to the proposed construction of the Boobyalla Dam (also referred to as the Waterhouse Dam) in north-east Tasmania: (a) does the Commonwealth Government, as a signatory to the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA), intend to exercise its influence and authority to ensure the Tasmanian Government does not unilaterally breach the RFA by allowing the destruction of a RFA-protected forest community type Euc. Ovata (Swamp Gum); if so, how; and (b) if the Commonwealth Government will not exercise its influence and authority to uphold the RFA conservation protection requirements for protected forest community types, listed threatened species and associated priority species for protection, why not.

(2) Given that in 2003 the Forest Practices Authority (FPA) acted to prevent the damming of the Boobyalla River within the Ben Lomond bioregion because of Tasmanian RFA obligations to protect Euc. Ovata forest on public land whenever prudent or feasible and because in the FPA’s view, the protection of the area was of critical importance for the long-term management and conservation of this endangered forest community type that represents one of the largest and viable stands of Euc. Ovata in Tasmania: how can the Tasmanian Government void/avoid its RFA responsibilities to protect threatened forest community types including, but not limited to, Euc. Ovata by amending its Forest Practice Regulations 2007 which removed the legal requirement for a certified Forest Practices Plan to be in place for dam works.