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Notice given 9 January 2009

Senator Cormann: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1213-1214)—

(1) How much tax revenue has been collected since the implementation of the increase in the excise on alcopops on 27 April 2008.

(2) Given that table 2 (Australian Government general government sector revenue) of the Final budget outcome 2007-08 includes a line-item under the heading ‘Customs duty’ headed ‘Excise-like goods’ which included potable spirits, and given that the majority of potable spirits sold in Australia are imported and therefore pay customs duty rather than excise duty, what proportion of the $2.4 billion in customs duty collected on excise-like goods is attributable to imported potable spirits.

(3) Given that table 2 of the Final budget outcome 2007-08 lists for the ‘Excise-like goods’ a change on the 2008-09 Budget of +$41 million, what proportion of this figure is attributable to the underestimation of sales of potable spirits by the Department of the Treasury when completing the 2008-09 Budget estimates.


 (4) In regard to the +$5 million change on the 2008-09 Budget estimate for excise duty on potable spirits, what proportion of the positive change on the 2008-09 Budget (for both excise and customs duty on potable spirits) is attributable to the 2 months of May and June 2008.

1213 Minister representing the Treasurer

1214 Minister representing the Minister for Home Affairs ( transferred to the Minister representing the Treasurer on 16 January 2009 )