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Notice given 5 January 2009

1211  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry—Further to the answer to question CC24 taken on notice during the 2008-09 supplementary Budget estimates hearings of the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee:

(1) Was Mr Tony Bartlett’s signing of the letter dated 23 June 2008, which was forwarded to the Executive Officers of the Private Forestry Development Committees (PFDCs), in any way associated with his move from the forestry section of the portfolio.

(2) How were state government agencies and individual PFDCs notified on 23 June 2008, was it by letter to be delivered via Australia Post, email, facsimile transmission etc (please specify).

(3) Did funding run out on 30 June 2008; if not, on what date did the funding run out.

(4) In regard to the answer given to part 5, can a more responsive answer be provided.

(5) If it was always known that the funding was to lapse on 30 June 2008, why was it necessary to provide any correspondence or communication to state government agencies and individual PFDCs on 23 June 2008.

(6) Specifically, what representations did the department make to any other department or to any minister’s office, specifying which to seek a continuation of the funding.

(7) Was the correspondence from Mr Bartlett, dated 23 June 2008, the result of a final decision in relation to the funding under the program.

(8) If it was always known that funding was to run out on 30 June 2008, why were letters confirming this not sent out earlier than 23 June 2008.

(9) Was the Minister reconsidering this decision; if so, when was the final decision made not to reconsider the lapsing of the funding arrangements.