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Unless otherwise shown, appointed for life of 44th Parliament


Pursuant to standing orders

AGRICULTURE AND INDUSTRY: Mr Ramsey ( Chair ), Ms O’Neil ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms M. L. Landry, Ms Marino, Ms McGowan, Mr Pasin, Ms Price, Mr Wilson, Mr Zappia.

Current inquiry:

Agricultural innovation.

APPROPRIATIONS AND ADMINISTRATION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Ms Owens ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Ms Claydon, Mr Coulton, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Ms Marino, Mr O’Dowd.

COMMUNICATIONS AND THE ARTS: Mrs B. K. Bishop ( Chair ), Mr Watts ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Ferguson, Ms Marino, Mr Perrett, Ms Price, Mr Ramsey, Ms Vamvakinou, Mrs Wicks.

Current inquiry:

Broadcasting, online content and live production to rural and regional Australia.

ECONOMICS: Mr Coleman ( Chair ), Mr Husic ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Alexander, Mr Buchholz, Mr Conroy, Mr Hogan, Mr Kelly, Ms O’Neil, Mr Palmer, Ms F. M. Scott. (Mr Giles to be a supplementary member for the purpose of the inquiry into home ownership.)

Current inquiries:

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Annual Report 2015.

Home ownership.

Review of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Annual Report 2015.

Review of the Reserve Bank Annual Report 2015.

Tax deductibility.

EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT: Mr Laming ( Chair ), Ms MacTiernan ( Deputy   Chair ), Mr Hutchinson, Mrs McNamara, Mr O’Connor, Ms Owens, Ms Rishworth, Ms Sudmalis, Mr Williams.

Current inquiries:

Innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy.

Small business employment.

ENVIRONMENT: Mr Cobb ( Chair ), Mr Giles ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broad, Mr M. Butler, Mr Dreyfus, Ms Marino, Mr Pasin, Mr Varvaris, Mr Wood, Mr Zappia. (Mr Christensen and Ms Claydon to be supplementary members for the purpose of the inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations.)

Current inquiry:

Register of Environmental Organisations.

HEALTH: Mr Irons ( Chair ), Mr Zappia ( Deputy   Chair ), Ms L. M. Chesters, Dr Gillespie, Ms Hall, Mr S. P. Jones, Mr Laming, Mrs McNamara, Dr Southcott.

Current inquiry:

Chronic disease prevention and management in primary health care.

HOUSE: The Speaker, Mr O’Dowd ( Chair ), Mr Hayes ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Ms Hall, Ms Marino, Ms Ryan.

INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: Dr Stone ( Chair ), Mr Snowdon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Mr Coulton, Mr Entsch, Mr Laming, Mr Neumann, Mr Perrett, Mr Ramsey.

Current inquiry:

Educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

INFRASTRUCTURE, TRANSPORT AND CITIES: Mr Alexander ( Chair ), Mr Thistlethwaite ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Collins, Mr Giles, Mr Hastie, Ms Ryan, Mr van Manen, Mr Williams, Mr Zimmerman. (Ms Marino and Mrs Prentice to be supplementary members for the purpose of the inquiry into the role of Smart ICT in the design and planning of infrastructure.)

Current inquiries:

The role of Smart ICT in the design and planning of infrastructure.

The role of transport connectivity on stimulating development and economic activity.

PETITIONS: Dr Jensen ( Chair ), Mrs Elliot ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Byrne, Ms L. M. Chesters, Mrs Griggs, Ms Hall, Mr Hogan, Mrs Prentice.

PRIVILEGES AND MEMBERS’ INTERESTS: Mr Broadbent ( Chair ), Ms A. E. Burke ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Briggs, Mr Fitzgibbon, Mr Giles, Dr Gillespie, Ms O’Neil, Mr Pasin, Mr Perrett, Mr Ruddock, Mr Vasta .

Current inquiry:

Whether the former Member for Dobell deliberately misled the House.

PROCEDURE: Dr Southcott ( Chair ), Mr Danby ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Buchholz, Mr Goodenough, Ms Hall, Ms Ryan.

Current inquiries:

Electronic voting for divisions in the House.

Maintenance of standing and sessional orders.

The standing orders in relation to Question Time.

PUBLICATIONS: Mr Coulton ( Chair ), Mr Watts ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Ms Henderson, Mr Howarth, Mr Hutchinson, Ms Rowland.

SELECTION: The Speaker ( Chair ), Mr Christensen, Mr Coulton, Mr Fitzgibbon, Ms Hall, Mr Hayes, Mr Hutchinson, Mr E. T. Jones, Ms Marino, Ms Ryan, Mr Whiteley.

SOCIAL POLICY AND LEGAL AFFAIRS: Mr Christensen ( Chair ), Ms Claydon ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Dreyfus, Mrs Markus, Mr Pasin, Mr Perrett, Mr Sukkar.

Current inquiries:

Constitutional law and Australian citizenship.

Crimes at sea.


TAX AND REVENUE: Mr van Manen ( Chair ), Mr Ripoll ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs B. K. Bishop, Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Hastie, Mr Irons, Ms O’Neil, Mr Sukkar, Mr Watts.

Current inquiries:

External scrutiny of the Australian Taxation Office.

2015 Annual Report of the Australian Taxation Office.

Joint Select

Australia Fund Establishment ( Formed 23 September 2014 ): Mr Laming ( Chair ), Senator Lazarus ( Deputy Chair ), Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Husic, Mr Pitt, Mr Porter, Mr Wilkie, Senator Carr, Senator Reynolds, Senator Seselja. ( Final report presented 25 June 2015; Committee dissolved. )

CONSTITUTIONAL RECOGNITION OF ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT ISLANDER PEOPLES ( Formed 2 December 2013 ): Mr Wyatt ( Chair ), Senator Peris ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Henderson, Mr S. P. Jones, Mr Neumann, Senator McKenzie, Senator Ruston, Senator Siewert . ( Final report presented 25 June 2015; Committee dissolved. )

NORTHERN AUSTRALIA ( Formed 4 December 2013 ) : Mr Entsch ( Chair ), Ms MacTiernan ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Christensen, Mr Gray, Mrs Griggs, Ms Price, Mr Snowdon, Senator Lindgren, Senator McLucas, Senator O’Neill, Senator Siewert, Senator Smith. ( Final report presented 4 September 2014; resolution of appointment amended on 27 August 2014 to extend the committee for the life of the Parliament. )

Trade and Investment Growth ( Formed 23 September 2014 ): Mr O’Dowd ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Billson, Ms T. M. Butler, Mr Palmer, Mr Pasin, Senator Bullock, Senator Macdonald, Senator Smith, Senator Wang. ( Final report presented 15 October 2015 ; resolution of appointment amended on 13 October 2015 to extend the committee for the life of the Parliament . )

Current inquiry:

Australia’s future in research and innovation.

Joint Statutory

AUSTRALIAN COMMISSION FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT INTEGRITY: Mr Matheson ( Chair ), Senator Bilyk ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs Elliot, Mr Irons, Mr Wood, Mr Zappia, Senator Edwards, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Sterle .

Current inquiries:

The integrity of Australia’s border arrangements.

The jurisdiction of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity.

BROADCASTING OF PARLIAMENTARY PROCEEDINGS: The Speaker ( Chairman ), The President ( Vice-Chairman ), Ms Bird, Mr Coulton, Mr Griffin, Ms Henderson, Senator Marshall, Senator Moore.

CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL SERVICES: Senator Fawcett ( Chair ), Senator O’Neill ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Owens, Mr Ruddock, Mr van Manen, Mr Watts, Senator Ketter, Senator Madigan, Senator Williams .

Current inquiries:

Oversight of ASIC, the Takeovers Panel and the Corporations Legislation No. 2 of the 44th Parliament.

The impairment of customer loans.

HUMAN RIGHTS: Mr Ruddock ( Chair ), Mr Ferguson ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Gillespie, Ms McGowan, Mr Sukkar, Senator Brown, Senator Canavan, Senator McKim, Senator Moore, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Smith.

INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY: Mr Nikolic ( Chair ), Mr Byrne ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Dreyfus, Mr Ruddock, Mr B. C. Scott, Mr Wood, Senator Bushby, Senator Conroy, Senator Fawcett, Senator Gallagher, Senator Wong.

Current inquiries:

Review of Administration and Expenditure No.14.

LAW ENFORCEMENT : Mr Kelly ( Chair ), Senator Singh ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Hayes, Mr Matheson, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Wood, Senator Edwards, Senator Ketter, Senator Leyonhjelm, Senator O’Sullivan .

Current inquiries:

Crystal methamphetamine.

Human trafficking.

Illicit tobacco.

PUBLIC ACCOUNTS AND AUDIT: Mr Macfarlane ( Chair ), Mr Conroy ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Albanese, Ms Brodtmann, Mr Giles, Dr Gillespie, Mr Robert, Dr Southcott, Senator Bernardi, Senator Ketter, Senator McKenzie, Senator McAllister. Senator Smith .

Current inquiries:

Defence sustainment.

Development of Commonwealth Performance Framework.

Independent Auditor Report, Review of Communication Processes.

Review of Auditor-General’s Report No. 16 (2015-16) Major Projects Report 2014-15.

Review of Auditor-General’s Reports Nos. 52 (2014-2015) 3 and 9 (2015-2016).

PUBLIC WORKS: Senator Smith ( Chair ), Mr Perrett ( Deputy Chair ), Ms Claydon, Mr Goodenough, Ms Ryan, Ms F. M. Scott, Dr Southcott, Senator Gallacher, Senator Williams .

Current inquiries:

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation waste management facilities’ extension and upgrade.

Doha, Qatar—Fit-out of the new Australian Embassy.

Gosford, New South Wales—Fit-out of new leased premises for the Australian Taxation Office.

Puckapunyal, Victoria-Puckapunyal military area high voltage power supply upgrade.

Royal Australian Air Force Base Amberley, Queensland—C-17 Maintenance Facility, Aircraft Apron and Associated Infrastructure Project.

Joint Standing

ELECTORAL MATTERS: Mr Griffin ( Deputy Chair ), Mr  Buchholz, Mr Goodenough, Mr Gray, Mr Pasin, Senator Brown, Senator Conroy, Senator O’Sullivan, Senator Reynolds, Senator Rhiannon .

Current inquiries:

Campaigning at polling places.

Delivery of electoral education.

Political donations.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS, DEFENCE AND TRADE: Ms Gambaro ( Chair ), Mr Champion ( Deputy Chair ), Mr Baldwin, Mr Danby, Mr Feeney, Mr Ferguson, Mr Griffin, Mrs  Griggs, Mr  Hastie, Dr Jensen, Mr Kelly, Mr Marles, Mr Nikolic, Ms Parke, Mr Ruddock, Mr B. C. Scott, Dr Stone, Ms Vamvakinou, Mr Varvaris, Mr  Williams, Senator Edwards, Senator Fawcett, Senator Gallacher, Senator Ludwig, Senator Macdonald, Senator McEwen, Senator McKenzie, Senator O’Neill, Senator Reynolds, Senator Singh, Senator Whish-Wilson, Senator Xenophon.

Current inquiries:

Australia’s trade and investment relationships with countries of the Middle East.

Death penalty.

Development partnerships in agriculture.

Review of the Defence Annual Report 2014-2015.

MIGRATION: Mrs Markus ( Chair ), Ms Vamvakinou ( Deputy Chair ), Mr K. J. Andrews, Mr Kelly, Mr Thistlethwaite, Mr Zappia, Senator Back, Senator Dastyari, Senator Edwards, Senator Hanson-Young .

Current inquiry:

Seasonal Worker Programme.

NATIONAL CAPITAL AND EXTERNAL TERRITORIES: Mr Simpkins ( Chair ), Senator Brown ( Deputy Chair ), Mrs B. K. Bishop, Ms Brodtmann, Mr B. C. Scott, Mr Snowdon, Mr Vasta, Senator Back, Senator Gallagher, Senator Hanson-Young, Senator Marshall, Senator Seselja .

Current inquiry:

Governance in the Indian Ocean Territories.

NATIONAL DISABILITY INSURANCE SCHEME: Mr Billson ( Chair ), Senator Gallacher ( Deputy Chair ), Dr Gillespie, Ms Hall, Ms Macklin, Mr Matheson, Ms Rishworth, Senator Lindgren, Senator Reynolds, Senator Seselja, Senator Siewert, Senator Urquhart .

PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY: Ms Brodtmann ( Chair ), Senator Seselja ( Chair ), Mr Broadbent, Mr Danby, Ms Hall, Mr Irons, Mr Wilson, Senator Back, Senator Lindgren, Senator Lines, Senator Moore .

TREATIES: Mr Hartsuyker ( Chair ), Mr Thomson ( Deputy Chair ), Mr O’Dowd, Ms Parke, Ms Price, Mr Watts, Mrs Wicks, Mr Williams, Mr Whiteley, Senator Back, Senator Fawcett, Senator Johnston, Senator Lines, Senator Ludwig, Senator Sterle, Senator Whish-Wilson.

Current inquiries:

Treaties tabled 1 December 2015 (V&P 1 December 2015, page 1774).

Treaties tabled 3 December 2015 (V&P 3 December 2015, page 1814).

Treaties tabled 2 February 2016 (V&P 2 February 2016, page P1829).

Treaty tabled 9 February 2016 (V&P 9 February 2016, page P1877).

Treaty tabled 2 March 2016 (V&P 2 March 2016, page tba).






NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA ADVISORY COUNCIL: Mrs Prentice ( appointed 3 March 2014, for a period of 3 years ).

COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF AUSTRALIA: Mr Ferguson ( appointed 16 June 2015, for a period of 3 years ) .

PARLIAMENTARY RETIRING ALLOWANCES TRUST: Mr Fitzgibbon ( appointed 19 October 2010 ) and Mr Ruddock ( appointed 24 February 2014 ).






By Authority of the House of Representatives