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10.10 AM TO 12 NOON



         1    Dr Haines : To present a Bill for an Act to establish the Australian Federal Integrity Commission, and for related purposes. ( Australian Federal Integrity Commission Bill 2020 )

              ( Notice given 1 September 2020. Time allowed—10 minutes. )

         2    Dr Haines : To present a Bill for an Act to enhance the integrity of the Parliament of Australia, and for related purposes. ( Commonwealth Parliamentary Standards Bill 2020 )

              ( Notice given 1 September 2020. Time allowed—10 minutes. )

         3    Mr Wilkie : To present a Bill for an Act to regulate suspicious gambling activities, and for related purposes. ( Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment (Making Gambling Businesses Accountable) Bill 2020 )

              ( Notice given 20 October 2020. Time allowed—10 minutes. )

    †4    Ms Hammond : To move—That this House:

(1)         notes the longevity of the ‘Australian Made, Australian Grown’ logo since its creation more than 30 years ago as Australia’s most trusted, recognised and widely used country of origin symbol to promote authentic Australian brands all around the world;

(2)         commends the Government for providing the Australian Made Campaign Ltd, the not-for-profit public company which administers the logo, with $5 million to promote the logo in key export markets as well as establishing trademark registration in the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada;

(3)         further commends the Government for its $5 million investment in the ‘Go Local First’ campaign, which is run by the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia and is encouraging all Australians to promote and support our local small and family businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic; and

(4)         encourages all Australians to recognise the importance of local industry, manufacturers, producers, and businesses to our economy, and the quality of Australian made products and Australian grown produce.

              ( Notice given 6 October 2020. Time allowed—40 minutes. )

    †5    Mr Shorten : To move—That this House:

(1)         notes that:

(a)         there are real issues with consistency and fairness in NDIS access and planning decisions but there is not enough information available about the Government’s recently announced NDIS Independent Assessments (IA) to conclude it will address issues with consistency and fairness;

(b)         mandatory IA are not well supported (as the Government claims) by the findings of the 2019 Tune Review and the original Productivity Commission report;

(c)         there has been outcry about the lack of consultation and information available about IA among people with disability and disability advocates; and

(d)         there is evidence that IA may be a cover for the Government to restrict NDIS access and limit participant plans, and privatise the NDIS ‘by stealth’; and

(2)         calls on the Government to:

(a)         listen to participants and immediately pause the rollout of the current IA program;

(b)         hold a genuine, transparent consultation process to confirm what the issues are and trial different options;

(c)         co-design the solution best supported by evidence with participants, families, carers and the sector; and

(d)         make public all modelling, actuarial advice and evaluation reports used to support the chosen program, showing numbers of participants whose NDIS funding or eligibility will be impacted.

              ( Notice given 19 October 2020. Time allowed—remaining private Members’ business time prior to 12 noon. )