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23 August 2012

* 1190  MR MORRISON: To ask the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—

(1) What total number of reports have been filed on his department’s ‘Persons suspected missing while sailing to Australia—Online report’ website, and what number of these were made (a) anonymously, and (b) from internet provider addresses registered to c omputers in Australia’s detention network (listed by detention facility).

(2) What total number of people have been reported as (a) missing while sailing to Australia (not counting multiple reports for the same individual), and (b) travelling with accompanying family members.

(3) What locations have been listed as boat departure points, and how many reports are associated with each location.

(4) How many persons identified as suspected missing while sailing have subsequently been located.

(5) What action is taken by his department in pursuing these reports once they have been filed.

* 1191  MR MORRISON: To ask the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—

(1) What is his department’s policy on outings to the homes of individuals for ‘high risk’ detainees .

(2) In (a) 2008-09, (b) 2009-10, (c) 2010-11, and (d) 2011-12, how many ‘high risk’ detainees were moved from detention centres for outings in the community.

* 1192  MR MORRISON: To ask the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—

(1)  Is it a fact that his department approved an outing for two ‘high risk’ asylum seekers in the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, to the Bella Vista (Sydney) home of Ms Sara Nathan, an ‘asylum seeker advocate’ of the Australian Tamil Congress or any other ‘asylum seeker advocate’ in that area; if so, who approved the visit, and why.

(2) Was he or his office notified of the outing prior to it being approved; if so, what attempt did he make to prevent it; if not, on what date was he notified, and by whom.

(3) Is it a fact that a television crew is alleged to have interviewed the two asylum seekers; if so, on what date was he informed, and does he know who conducted the interview, if so, will he name them.

(4) Has he initiated an investigation into this incident; if not, why not; if so, on what date will the investigation conclude, and will he make the results public, if not, why not.

(5) Can he indicate why the two asylum seekers taken on the outing are classified as ‘high risk’.

(6) In (a) 2008-09, (b) 2009-10, (c) 2010-11, and (d) 2011-12, how many asylum seeker outings to the home of Ms Nathan or other asylum seeker advocates were approved by his department, and what was the reason for each outing. 

(7) Does Ms Nathan or the Australian Tamil Congress receive taxpayer funding; if so, (a) in which financial years, (b) what sum per financial year, and (c) for what purpose(s).

(8) Has his department approved any subsequent outings to the home of Ms Nathan or any other asylum seeker advocate since the incident in question; if so, what number have taken place, and why, and will any future outings be cancelled, if not, why not.

(9) Were any sanctions applied to Serco over this incident; if not, why not.

(10) Has he disciplined, or will he discipline, his department over this incident; if not, why not; if so, how.




Clerk of the House of Representatives