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16 June 2009

* 781  MR CIOBO: To ask the Minister for Tourism—In respect of his proposed transfer of Tourism Research Australia (TRA) from the auspices of Tourism Australia to his department—

(1) On what advice did he make the decision to transfer TRA.

(2) On what date did he advise (a) his department, and (b) Tourism Australia, of his intention to transfer TRA.

(3) On what date will the transfer occur.

(4) As at 16 June 2009, how many staff were employed by TRA.

(5) Does he foresee a reduction in the number of staff employed by (a) TRA, and (b) Tourism Australia, as a result of the transfer; if so, how many staff of (a) and (b) will lose their jobs.

(6) What appropriations have been allocated for the cost of the transfer.

(7) Did he ever rescind his direction to transfer TRA; if so, on what date and how.




Clerk of the House of Representatives