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SJ No 34 - 01 August 1901

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No. 34.



1. M eeting of Senate.—The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.


3. F einting Committee : J oint M eeting.—Senator Pulsford, pursuant to notice, asked the Honorable the Postmaster-General will the Government arrange for a joint meeting of the Printing Committees of the two Houses, with the view to the suggestion of regulations for limiting the cost of printing. The Postmaster-General replied—The Printing Committees of the two Houses have been appointed

by such Houses respectively, and cannot without resolutions of the respective Houses confer in the manner indicated. The printing and distribution of Hansard, and the distribution of Par­ liamentary Papers, are under the control of the President and Speaker. If the Committees desire it the Government will move that the Committees have leave to confer

with the view suggested.

4. P rivilege : I nstruction to E lections and Qualifications Committee.—Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild pursuant to notice, moved, That it be an instruction to the Elections and Qualifications Com­ mittee that they have power, before taking any other action regarding the petition against the return of Senator Matheson, to inquire and report to the Senate as follows :—

1. Whether, in their opinion, and as affirmed by resolution of the House of Representatives, election petitions from Western Australia are, subject to the provisions of the Common­ wealth Constitution Act, governed by the electoral law of that State.

2. If, in their opinion, the law of Western Australia does not govern such petitions, what law or practice, in their opinion, does apply to them. 3. Whether, when lodging his petition, Petitioner Saunders was authoritatively informed that it was the universal Parliamentary custom for such petitions to be presented to

Parliament by a Member of the House addressed. 4. Whether, in terms of a promise made to the petitioner, the Clerk of the Parliaments daily carried the petition into the Senate Chamber, having it at all times ready for presentation. 5. Whether, at or previous to the time of the lodging of the petition, Senator Ewing was

one of the legal advisers of Petitioner Saunders, and acquainted with the need for the presentation of the said petition. 6. Whether Senator Best was another of the legal advisers of the said petitioner, and well acquainted with the custom of Parliament in regard to election petitions. 7. Whether, upon the determination of the Committee to report against the petitioner, his

legal representatives applied for a refund of the deposit accompanying the petition. 8. Whether the petitioner did not subsequently leave Victoria. 9. Whether the petitioner was consulted by the Vice-President of the Executive Council with reference to the action taken to refer his petition back to the Elections and Qualifications

Committee; and whether the motion for the second reference was moved with the petitioner’s knowledge and concurrence. Debate ensued. On the motion of Senator Clemons the debate was adjourned.

Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild moved, That the adjourned debate be an Order of the Day for Thursday next. Senator Macfarlane moved an amendment, viz., to leave out “ Thursday” with a view to insert “ Wednesday” in lieu thereof. .

Question—That the word proposed to be left out stand part of the question—put and passed. Main question put and passed.

E >, P ublic S ervice B ill.—The Postmaster-General, according to Order, moved, That the Public Service Bill be now read a second time. On the motion of Senator Barrett, the debate was adjourned till Wednesday next.


6. A udit B il l.—On the Order of the Day being read for the further consideration of the Audit Bill in Committee, Ordered—That Senator Dobson do take the Chair of Committees for this sitting, in the unavoidable absence of the Chairman of Committees. The Senate, according to Order, resolved'itself into a Committee for the further consideration

of the Audit Bill.

In the Committee,

Postponed Clause 4 read. Amendment again proposed, viz., after “ thousand,” in line 2, to insert “ five hundred.”

7. Suspension of Committee.—At half-past six p.m. the sitting of the Committee was suspended till half-past seven p.m.

8. R esumption of Committee.—A t half-past seven p.m. the sitting of the Committee was resumed.

9. A udit B ill.—Senator McGregor moved, That the Committee do now divide. Question—put and passed. .

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Senator Sir J. W. Downer moved an amendment, viz., after “ thousand,” in line 2, to insert “ one hundred.” Question—put and negatived.

Senator Lieut.-Col. Neild moved an amendment, viz., to leave out all the words after “ Fund ” in penultimate line to the end of the clause. Question—That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the clause—put and passed. Clause 4 agreed to. Postponed Clause 54 agreed to.

Postponed Clause 56 read. Senator Walker moved an amendment, viz., to leave out all the words after “ interest ” in line 1 to the end of line 2. Question—That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the clause—put. Committee divided—

Ayes, 9. Noes, 7.

Mr. Barrett Charleston Dobson Drake Glassey Playford Smith Stewart.


Mr. Clemons Major Gould Mr. Harney Macfarlane Lieut.-Col. Neild Mr. Pulsford.


Mr. Walker

Mr. Pearce.

Clause 56 agreed to. Title agreed to. Bill to be reported without amendment. ·

The President resumed the Chair; and Mr. Dobson, from the Committee, reported that the Com mittee had considered the Bill, and had agreed to the same without amendment. Whereupon the Senate adopted such Report. Ordered—That the Bill be read a third time to-morrow.

10. P aper.—The Postmaster-General laid on the Table the following Paper, viz.:— Report and Appendices, F deral Military Committee, assembled at Sydney, New South Wales, 20th March, 19® 1. .

11. M essage from the H ouse of R epresentatives.— The following Message from the House of Representatives was received and read :— M r. P resident, Message No. 14.

The House of Representatives transmits to the Senate a Bill intituled “ An Act relating to the Customs,” with which it desires the concurrence of the Senate. F. W. HOLDER, House of Representatives, » Speaker.

Melbourne, 1st August, 1901. /

12. C ustoms B ill.—The Postmaster-General moved, That the Customs Bill be now read a first time. Question—put and passed. Bill read a first time, and ordered to be read a second time on Wednesday next.

13. P ostponement of B usiness.— Ordered—That Order of the Day No. 3 be an Order of the Day for to-morrow.

14. A djournment.— The Senate adjourned at four minutes past ten p.m. till to-morrow, at half-past ten a.m.

15. A ttendance.— Present, all the Members except Senators Best, Lieut.-Col. Cameron, Dawson, De Largie, Ewing (on leave), Higgs, Matheson, Millen, O’Connor, Lieut.-Col. Sir F. T. Sargood, and Styles. E. G. BLACKMORE,

Clerk of the Parliaments


Printed and Published for the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia by Robt. S. Brain, Government Printer for the State of Victoria.