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Public Accounts and Audit—Joint Statutory Committee—486th report

Senator Davey, on behalf of the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit, tabled the following report and documents:

Public Accounts and Audit—Joint Statutory Committee—

486th report—Regulatory activities - Inquiry into Auditor-General’s reports 33, 47 and 48 (2019-20) and 5 and 8 (2020-21), dated August 2021.

Executive minutes and responses to the committee recommendations in reports—

No. 472—Commonwealth procurement - Second report: Inquiry based on Auditor-General’s reports 9 and 12 (2017-18) and 61 (2016-17).

No. 482—Review of the operations of the Parliamentary Budget Office 2019-20.

No. 483—Inquiry into the 2018-19 Defence major projects report and the Future Submarine Project - Transition to design: Auditor-General’s reports 19 and 22 (2019-20).

No. 485—Cyber resilience: Inquiry into Auditor-General’s reports 1 and 13 (2019-20).