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The Chair of the Select Committee on Fuel and Energy (Senator Cormann) amended general business notice of motion no. 334 by leave and, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved—That the Senate—

 (a) notes that:

  (i) the Select Committee on Fuel and Energy contracted Dr Brian Fisher from Concept Economics to conduct an independent peer review of the Department of the Treasury modelling of the impact of the Government's proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme,

  (ii) the committee wrote to the Treasurer (Mr Swan) on 9 December 2008 requesting that Dr Fisher be given `full access to the government's complete documentation of the government's models together with the model codes and databases and any other model simulations undertaken relevant to the policy scenarios, but not publicly released' by 17 December 2008,

  (iii) the Treasurer has refused the committee's request, and

  (iv) Dr Fisher has reported that he was impeded in carrying out the work requested by the committee because the information requested from the Treasurer was not made available to him; and

 (b) orders that there be laid on the table by the Minister representing the Treasurer, no later than noon on 5 February 2009, the following information relating to the Department of the Treasury modelling, Australia's low pollution future: The economics of climate change mitigation:

  (i) the model documentation and codes together with all databases for both the global trade and environment model and the Monash multi-regional forecasting model that were employed in the department's modelling of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme scenarios in a form that would allow the reproduction of the department's results, and

  (ii) any other model simulations undertaken relevant to the abovementioned policy scenarios but not publicly released.

Statements by leave: Senators Cormann and Milne, by leave, made statements relating to the motion.

Question put and passed.