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The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories (Senator

Faulkner) tabled the following Government documents:

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody--Royal Commission--Implementation of

Government responses to the recommendations of the Royal Commission

into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody--Queensland Government--Report for


Agriculture and Resource Management Council of Australia and New

Zealand--Record and resolutions--6th meeting, Perth, 18 August 1995.

Audit Act--Reports for 1994-95--

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commercial Development


National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary


Australian Wool Research and Promotion Organisation Act--Australian

Wool Research and Promotion Organisation--Report for 1994-95.

Coal Industry Act--Joint Coal Board--Report for 1994-95.

Copyright Act--Audio-Visual Copyright Society Limited--Report for


Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of Employment,

Education and Training--Reports--

Australian Language and Literacy Council--Teacher education in

English language and literacy, November 1995.

Employment and Skills Formation Council--Converging technology, work

and learning, November 1995.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act--Human Rights and

Equal Opportunity Commission--Federal Race Discrimination

Commissioner--State of the Nation: report on people of non-English

speaking backgrounds--Report for 1995.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report--Work, health and

safety, 11 September 1995 (No. 47)--

Volume I--Report.

Volume II--Appendices.

National Health Act--Private Health Insurance Administration

Council--Report for 1994-95, including a report on the operations of

registered health benefits organisations and statistical supplement.

National Rail Corporation Agreement Act--National Rail Corporation

Limited--Report for 1994-95.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority--Report for 1994-95.

Pooled Development Funds Act--Pooled Development Funds Registration

Board--Report for 1994-95.

States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance)

Act--Financial assistance granted to each State in respect of 1994.

Wool International Act--Wool International--Report for 1994-95.