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Senator Forshaw, at the request of Senator Wheelwright and pursuant to

notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved--That the


(a) reaffirms:

(i) its total support for the sovereignty and territorial

integrity of the Republic of Cyprus as the only

legitimate authority on the island, and

(ii) the position that all foreign troops should be

withdrawn from the territory of the Republic of Cyprus;

(b) applauds the contribution of Australian peacekeepers since 1964

in maintaining order and stability on the island;

(c) expresses its deep concern that, after more than two decades of

division on the island, there is still no lasting political

settlement in sight, and its strong belief that the status quo

on Cyprus is unacceptable;

(d) reaffirms its support for the United Nations (UN)

Secretary-General's long-standing efforts to resolve the Cyprus

problem in a just and viable manner;

(e) notes that the prospect of Cyprus joining the European Union

offers potential benefits for the economic development and

security of the whole island and the chance to bring the

communities in Cyprus closer together;

(f) urges all parties involved in the Cyprus question to demonstrate

goodwill and a new resolve to work actively towards a lasting

and peaceful political settlement based upon the relevant UN

resolutions, in particular Resolution 939 of 1994;

(g) agrees with the United States Congress that ultimate total

demilitarisation of the Republic of Cyprus would meet the

security concerns of all parties involved, would enhance

prospects for a peaceful and lasting resolution of the dispute

regarding Cyprus, would benefit all of the people of Cyprus and

merits international support; and

(h) encourages the UN Security Council to consider alternative

approaches to promote a resolution of the long-standing dispute

regarding Cyprus, based upon relevant Security Council

resolutions, including incentives to encourage progress in


Question put and passed.