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Senator Margetts, pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a

formal motion, moved--

(1) That for the reasons, and bearing in mind the considerations,set

out in paragraph (2), the Senate resolves and reaffirms that

prior to the printing of a committee report a member or a group

of members of the committee is not required to disclose to the

committee any minority or dissenting report or any relevant

conclusions and recommendations which the member or group of

members proposes to add or attach to the report after it has

been agreed to by the committee.

(2) That the reasons and considerations referred to in paragraph (1)


(a) the clear terms of standing order 38(2) which confers on

committee members the right to add or attach minority or

dissenting reports, conclusions or recommendations "after'

the draft report has been agreed to by the committee;

(b) the conclusions of the Procedure Committee that committee

members "are not obliged to disclose minority reports to

other members' and have a "right not to disclose their

minority reports' (First Report of 1995);

(c) the need to protect the integrity of the right of a

minority group to dissent from the "agreed' report of a

majority group; and

(d) the need to recognise that use of procedures, practices or

guidelines designed in effect to make the majority report

provisional until the minority report is seen and

dissected by the majority group, completely undermines the

right of a minority to express its dissent from the

"agreed' report of a majority group.

(3) That, under the resolution of 13 February 1991, this resolution

is an order of continuing effect.

Question put and passed.

Statement by leave: The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator

Hill), by leave, made a statement relating to the motion.