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The Minister for Trade (Senator McMullan) tabled the following

Government documents:

Aboriginal Hostels Limited--Report for the period 26 June 1994 to 24

June 1995.

Advance to the Minister for Finance--Statements and supporting

applications of issues--

August 1995.

September 1995.

Air Services Act--Airservices Australia--Corporate plan July 1995 to

June 2000.

Audit Act--Pig Research and Development Corporation--Report for


Audit Act and Primary Industries and Energy Research and

DevelopmentAct--Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation

and Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation Selection

Committee--Reports for 1994-95.

Australian Federal Police Act--Australian Federal Police--Report for


Australian Sports Drug Agency Act--Australian Sports Drug

Agency--Operational plan 1995-96.

Australian Securities Commission Act--Companies Auditors and

Liquidators Disciplinary Board--Report for 1994-95.

Child Care Act--Guidelines for Determinations of Eligible Child Care

Centres (Childcare Assistance)--Naming of child care centres for

failure to register to participate in the quality improvement and

accreditation system, 13 November 1995.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade--East Asia Analytical

Unit--Report--Overseas Chinese business networks in Asia.

Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of Employment,

Education and Training--Cross-sectoral collaboration in post-secondary

education and training, August 1995.

Family Law Act--Family Law Council--Report for 1994-95.

High Court of Australia Act--High Court of Australia--Report for


National Measurement Act--National Standards Commission--Report for


Parliamentary Counsel Act--Office of Parliamentary Counsel--Report for


Pig Industry Act--Australian Pork Corporation--Report for 1994-95.

Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act--

Chicken Meat Research and Development Council--Report for 1994-95

(Final report).

Egg Industry Research and Development Council--Report for 1994-95

(Final report).

Taxation Statistics 1993-94--Report of the Commissioner of Taxation.