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Senator Baume, by leave, moved--That--

(a) the Senate notes:

(i) the statement by the Chairman of the National Gallery of

Australia, the Hon. Lionel Bowen, reported in the

Australian, that the panel he chaired to select a

successor to Ms Betty Churcher on her retirement as

Gallery Director had conveyed its unanimous choice of Mr

Michael Lloyd to the Department of Communications and

the Arts in August 1995, and

(ii) the claim by the Minister for Communicationsand the

Arts (Mr Lee) that his department had not passed the

recommendation on to him, so that he did not reject the

unanimous recommendation to appoint Mr Lloyd when he

decided to reappoint Ms Churcher for a further year;


(b) there be laid on the table, by the Minister representing the

Minister for Communications and the Arts (Senator McMullan),

immediately after questions and motions to take note of answers

to questions, on 13 November 1995, all relevant documents

relating to the failure to appoint Mr Lloyd and the

reappointment of Ms Churcher, including any requests by the

Minister to the department not to be officially advised of the

selection committee's unanimous recommendation and any advice or

recommendationson this matter from the Prime Minister (Mr

Keating) or his department.

Question put and passed.

General Business was called on.