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Messages from the House of Representatives were reported transmitting

for the concurrence of the Senate the following bills:

Message no. 631, dated 18 October 1995--A Bill for an Act about


Message no. 642, dated 23 October 1995--A Bill for an Act relating to

the privatisation of airports, and other matters.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary Industries and

Energy (Senator Sherry) moved--That these bills may proceed without

formalities, may be taken together and be now read a first time.

Question put and passed.

Bills read a first time.

Senator Sherry moved--That these bills be now read a second time.

Explanatory memorandum: Senator Sherry tabled a revised explanatory

memorandum relating to the Airports (Transitional) Bill 1995.

On the motion of Senator Panizza the debate was adjourned till the next

day of sitting.