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The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories (Senator

Faulkner), at the request of the Minister for Small Business, Customs

and Construction (Senator Schacht) and pursuant to notice, moved--That

the order of the Senate of 29 November 1994, relating to the

consideration of legislation, not apply to the following bills:

Airports Bill 1995

Airports (Transitional) Bill 1995

Governor-General Amendment Bill 1995

Human Services and Health Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 3) 1995

Therapeutic Goods Amendment Bill 1995 [No. 2]

ANL Sale Bill 1995

International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill 1995

Sydney Airport Curfew Bill 1995

Vocational Education and Training Funding Amendment Bill 1995.

Debate ensued.

Senator Harradine moved the following amendment:

Omit "Airports Bill 1995" and "Airports (Transitional) Bill 1995".

Question--That the amendment be agreed to--put and negatived.

Debate continued.

Point of order: Senator Harradine raised a point of order to the effect

that the order of the Senate of 29 November 1994 requires that the

Government justify each departure from the order in debate which

concludes with a resolution of agreement by the Senate, and that the

Government should seek to justify each such departure at the

commencement of that debate.

Ruling of Acting Deputy President: The Acting Deputy President (Senator

Watson) ruled that it is a matter for the Senate to determine whether

the Government has discharged that obligation.

Debate continued.

Document: The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories

(Senator Faulkner) tabled the following document:

Consideration of legislation--Statement of reasons to exempt certain

bills from the resolution of the Senate of 29 November 1994.

Debate continued.

Main question put and passed.