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Senator Short: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes that the Government proposes "to run on its record' at the

next federal election;

(b) notes that this record includes:

(i) an eight-fold increase in Australia's foreign debt,

(ii) an external account deficit of approximately 6 per cent

of gross domestic product,

(iii) record job losses during the Government's self-induced

recession in the early 1990s,

(iv) the creation of an unprecedented number of new

battlers, as middle Australia was decimated by the

Government's economic policies,

(v) unprecedented opportunism in appointments, without

regard for Australia's national interest, and

(vi) an inability to control its own expenditure or to

exercise due diligence over waste;

(c) condemns the Government for this appalling record; and

(d) welcomes the opportunity to expose the Government for this

appalling record between now and the forthcoming federal


Senator Patterson: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate

notes that--

(a) according to media reports, such as one in the Australian of 18

October 1995, Ms Betty Churcher is to be reappointed in 1996 as

the Director of the National Gallery of Australia after she

turns 65;

(b) until now the Labor Government has failed to change existing

laws or pass amendments put forward which would allow members of

the Commonwealth Public Service to work beyond the age of 65 if

they chose to, regardless of the fact that the Labor Government

gave an undertaking to do so 5 years ago--an undertaking it has

so far failed to deliver;

(c) Labor has been inactive on this issue up till now, and therefore

needs legislation as a "special arrangement' for its own


(d) the abolition of age discrimination and compulsory age

retirement has been part of Coalition policy since 1988; and

(e) this situation highlights the plight of the many Australians who

are forced to leave the work force because of ageist provisions

in Commonwealth law.

Senator Crane: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes that:

(i) a survey by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in

Western Australia showed that, in more than 85 per cent

of work places, business continued as normal, defying

the political boycott of Western Australia on 17

October 1995 which was encouraged by the Prime Minister

(Mr Keating) and the President-elect of the Australian

Council of Trade Unions (Ms Jennie George), and

(ii) of the remainder, almost all employees have volunteered

to work additional time free of penalty to make up the

losses; and

(b) considers that the work force in Western Australia be

congratulated for putting Western Australia first, which is more

than can be said for the Prime Minister, the Western Australian

Labor Party members and the Greens (WA), Senators Chamarette and


Senator Ian Macdonald: To move on the next day of sitting--That the


(a) notes that:

(i) 20 and 21 October 1995 comprise Amnesty International

Australia's Candle Day, and

(ii) Candle Day is an occasion on which all Australians can

show support for Amnesty International and human rights

by buying and wearing a badge;

(b) congratulates Amnesty International on its continuing vital work

on behalf of political prisoners around the world; and

(c) calls on the international community to renew efforts to

eliminate human rights abuses and to respect fundamental and

internationally-accepted principles of human rights.

Senator Coulter: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate


(a) the comments by former Liberal Senator Peter Baume on 17 October

1995 that Australia is a low taxed country; that "low tax

nonsense is nonsense'; and that Australia's health services and

patients are suffering because of low tax; and

(b) former Senator Peter Baume's call for higher taxation to supply

an adequate health service.

Senator Abetz: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) the Labor Party's failure to dissociate itself from the

politically-motivated blockade of Western Australia on

17 October 1995, and

(ii) Ms Jennie George, President-elect of the Australian

Council of Trade Unions, attracted only 400 to a rally

which means 1 299 600 Western Australians stayed away

from the rally; and

(b) calls on the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) to dissociate himself

from such politically-motivated blockades.

Senator Chamarette: To move on the next day of sitting--That the


(a) notes that the week beginning 15 October is Amnesty

International Week;

(b) welcomes Amnesty International's continued commitment to human

rights and, in particular, to the abolition of the death


(c) notes, with alarm, the rise in the number of executions in

recent years in many countries; and

(d) calls on the Australian Government to work through the United

Nations and other international fora for the abolition of the

death penalty and for full recognition of those rights accorded

people in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.