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Senator Coulter, pursuant to notice, moved--That the following matters

be referred to the Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry

and report:

(1) Whether CSL always adhered to the highest standards in the

preparation and supply of:

(a) blood derived products;

(b) pituitary hormones;

(c) viral and viral derived products;

(d) antisera; and

(e) antivenenes.

(2) Whether CSL adhered to the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice

(GMP) once such a code was introduced.

(3) Whether CSL aided or frustrated the formulation of the Code of

GMP, and the attitude of CSL, over the years, to inspection and

supervision by the appropriate authorities.

(4) Whether the Department of Human Services and Health, as the

supervisor of CSL, applied appropriate standards of monitoring,

inspection, surveillance, advice and sanctions so as to ensure

the highest quality products were supplied to the public.

(5) Whether information and/or advice was available to or sought by

CSL or the department at any stage that should have caused

either body not to commence the manufacture of any of the above

products, or having begun, to cease their manufacture or to

modify the processes of manufacture, and whether that

information and/or advice was ignored.

(6) What indemnities have been given to CSL by the Government, what

coverage is included within those indemnities, whether those

indemnities extend to negligence or recklessness by CSL or the

department in its supervisionof CSL and whether the prospectus

published at the time of the sale of CSL contained sufficient

accurate information to allow prospective shareholders to assess

the legal/financial risks to which CSL may be exposed by reason

of past practices.

(7) Any other matters arising in the course of the inquiry which the

committee considers to be reasonably relevant to the conduct of

its inquiry into the foregoing terms of reference.

Debate ensued.

Question put.

The Senate divided--


Bell Bourne (Teller) Chamarette Coulter Harradine Margetts Spindler Woodley

NOES, 29

Boswell Brownhill Campbell Carr Childs Coates Collins, Jacinta Colston Cooney Crowley Denman Evans, Christopher Forshaw Herron Jones Knowles MacGibbon McGauran McKiernan Murphy Neal O'Chee (Teller) Patterson Reid Sherry Teague Troeth West Wheelwright

Question negatived.