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Senator Jones amended his notice of motion, by leave, and, pursuant to

notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved--That the


(a) notes:

(i) French scientists opposed to French nuclear tests have

reportedly criticised the assessment by the French

Government of the adverse impact of the tests on the

South Pacific environment,

(ii) Ms Michele Rivasi, head of the French Commission for

Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity,

says official French reports have concealed or strongly

underestimated the seriousness of cracks caused by the

underground blasts in the atoll testing sites,

(iii) that Ms Rivasi refutes France's claim that

radioactivity will be trapped forever in rocks

vitrified by the heat of the explosions,

(iv) Ms Rivasi further states that each explosion would

blast a 50-metre wide cave in the atoll's rocks, which

are not waterproof enough to guarantee radioactivity

will stay trapped, and

(v) that these comments illustrate continuing concerns about

the environmental impact of nuclear testing in the South

Pacific; and

(b) calls on the French Government to listen to the French people

and worldwide opinion and immediately cancel all plans to resume

nuclear testing.

Question put and passed.