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Order of the day read for the adjourned debate on the motion of the

Minister for Trade (Senator McMullan)--That these bills be now read a

second time--and on the amendment moved by Senator Parer--

At end of motion, add ", but the Senate condemns the Government for

its callous and incompetent policy on Sydney Airport, and condemns it

in particular:

(a) for misleading the people of Sydney about the noise that would

be associated with the opening of the parallel runway and the

closure of the east west-runway; and

(b) for its failure to develop adequate noise management measures

prior to the opening of the parallel runway and the closure of

the east-west runway, rather than after it had opened in a

belated response to community pressure".

Debate resumed.

Senator Coulter moved the following amendment to Senator Parer's

proposed amendment:

At end of proposed amendment, add ", and the Senate:

(c) notes the absolute failure of the Government's Environment

Impact Statement (EIS) process to adequately predict the

aircraft noise impact on the residents of Sydney;

(d) calls on the Government to ensure that the EIS process is

revamped with the view to ensuring that the same errors are not

committed in relation to the Sydney West Airport; and

(e) urges the Government to delay the introduction of all

legislation dealing with the privatisation of Sydney's airports

until such time as the Senate Select Committee on Aircraft Noise

in Sydney has reported on this matter to the Senate".

Debate ensued.

Question--That Senator Coulter's amendment to Senator Parer's proposed

amendment be agreed to--put and passed.

Question--That the amendment, as amended, be agreed to--put and passed.

Main question, as amended, put and passed.

Bills read a second time.

The Senate resolved itself into committee for the consideration of the


In the committee

Bills, taken together and as a whole by leave, debated and agreed to.

The Aircraft Noise Levy Bill 1995 to be reported without requests for

amendments and the Aircraft Noise Levy Collection Bill 1995 to be

reported without amendments.

The Acting Deputy President (Senator Colston) resumed the Chair and the

Chairman of Committees (Senator Reid) reported accordingly.

On the motion of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary

Industries and Energy (Senator Sherry) the report from the committee was

adopted and the bills read a third time.