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Senator Foreman, at the request of the Chair of the Standing Committee

on Publications (Senator McKiernan), tabled the following report:



The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with

the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Committee, having considered petitions and documents presented to

the Parliament since 7 June 1995, recommends that the following be


Commonwealth Electoral Act--Australian Electoral

Commission--Elections 1993--Election funding and financial

disclosure--Report for elections held on 13 March 1993.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report No.

44--Research and development, 15 May 1995--

Volume 1--Report (Overview and parts A to C).

Volume 2--Report (Parts D to G).

Volume 3--Appendices.

Law Reform Commission Act--Law Reform Commission--ReportNo. 73--For

the sake of the kids: complex contact cases and the Family Court.

Maritime College Act--Australian Maritime College--Report for 1994.

Services Trust Funds Act--Reports for 1994--

Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund.

Royal Australian Air Force Welfare Trust Fund.

Royal Australian Navy Relief Trust Fund.

Student Assistance Act--Report by Minister for 1994.

Telecommunications (Interception) Act--Report for 1993-94 on the

operation of the Act pursuant to Division 2 of Part IX.

Tobacco Marketing Act--Australian Tobacco Marketing Advisory

Committee--Report for 1994.

Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area Conservation Act--Wet

Tropics Management Authority--Report for 1993-94.



29 June 1995

Senator Foreman, by leave, moved--That the report be adopted.

Question put and passed.