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The Deputy President (Senator Reid) informed the Senate that the

President had received letters requesting changes in the membership of

various committees.

The Minister for Defence (Senator Ray), by leave, moved--That Senators

be discharged from and appointed to committees as follows:

Community Affairs Legislation and References Committees--

Discharged: Senator Denman.

Appointed: Senator Jacinta Collins.

Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising

Electronic Technologies--Select Committee--

Appointed: Senator Wheelwright.

Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts Legislation and

References Committees--

Appointed: Senator Wheelwright.

House--Standing Committee--

Discharged: Senator Christopher Evans.

Appointed: Senator Jacinta Collins.

Publications--Standing Committee--

Discharged: Senator Reynolds.

Appointed: Senator Jacinta Collins.

Regulations and Ordinances--Standing Committee--

Discharged: Senator Forshaw.

Appointed: Senators Jacinta Collins and Wheelwright.

Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee--

Discharged: Senator Crane.

Appointed: Senator Calvert.

Senators' Interests--Standing Committee--

Discharged: Senator Murphy.

Appointed: Senator Jacinta Collins.

Question put and passed.