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The President announced the resignation, on 21 May 1995, of Senator

Loosley and advised the Senate that, pursuant to section 21 of the

Constitution, he had notified the Governor of New South Wales that there

was a vacancy in the representation of that State.

Documents: The President tabled the following documents:

Vacancy in the representation of New South Wales--Letters from--

President of the Senate to His Excellency Rear Admiral Peter

Sinclair AC, Governor of New South Wales (copy), dated 21 May 1995.

Senator Loosley to the President of the Senate, dated 21 May 1995.

The President further announced that he had received, through His

Excellency the Governor-General, from the Governor of New South Wales, a

facsimile copy of the certificate of the choice by the Parliament of New

South Wales of Thomas Clive Wheelwright as a Senator to fill the


The President tabled the facsimile copy of the certificate as follows:

Government House

Sydney 2000

29 May 1995

His Excellency

The Governor-General of the

Commonwealth of Australia

Government House


Your Excellency,

His Excellency the Governor has asked me to inform Your Excellency

that, at a Joint Sitting of the two Houses of the Legislature of New

South Wales held on 24 May 1995 in accordance with the provisions of

section 15 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, Thomas

Clive Wheelwright was duly chosen as the person to hold the place in

the Senate rendered vacant by the Honourable Stephen Loosley.

Yours sincerely,

AE McKenzie

Official Secretary.

Senator sworn: Senator Wheelwright, pursuant to the Constitution of the

Commonwealth of Australia, then made and subscribed the oath of

allegiance at the table.