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Senator Woodley, pursuant to notice, moved--

(1) That the following matter be referred to the Economics

References Committee for inquiry and report on or before 11 May


The proposed Eastlink high voltage powerline between Armidale,

New South Wales, and Springdale, Queensland, with particular

reference to:

(a) the possible impact of the powerline and the

accompanying land resumptions on:

(i) the health of people and animals in surrounding

areas, with particular reference to the likely

effects of electromagnetic field radiation,

(ii) the vegetation and overall environment, and

(iii) the social fabric and local economic viability of

surrounding communities, including the likely loss of

agricultural land;

(b) the overall economic impact of the powerline;

(c) the likely impact of the powerline on overall levels of

electricity consumption, with reference to Australia's

obligations and commitment to reduce greenhouse gas


(d) the viability of the use of renewable energy sources to

provide electricity to Queensland consumers, instead of

expanding the consumption of coal generated

electricity; and

(e) the adequacy of the community consultation process

undertaken by Government bodies with those people and

local authorities in the areas which will be affected

by the powerline.

(2) That the committee, in the context of the Eastlink powerline,

review relevant Federal and State Government reports on

electricity supply, including the 1992 report of the Standing

Committee on Industry, Science and Technology into gas and

electricity, to assess whether issues raised in these reports

have been adequately addressed in the Eastlink proposal.

Debate ensued.

Debate was interrupted while Senator Ian Macdonald was speaking.

At 12.45 p.m.--