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Order read for the further consideration of the bill in committee of the


In the committee

Consideration resumed of the bill--and of the amendments moved by

Senator Coulter (see entry no. 16):

Debate resumed.

Question--That the amendments be agreed to--put and negatived.

On the motion of Senator Coulter the following amendment was debated and

agreed to:

Schedule 1, page 12, item 31, after proposed section 39Y, insert the

following section:

The Authority to be informed by the precautionary principle in preparing

management plans and protecting world heritage values

" "39YA.(1) The Authority in preparing management plans must have

regard to:

(a) the protection of world heritage values of the Marine Park; and

(b) the precautionary principle.

"(2) In subsection (1):

"the precautionary principle" has the same meaning as in section 3.5.1

of the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment, a copy of which

is set out in the Schedule to the National Environment Protection

Council Act 1994.".

On the motion of Senator Ian Macdonald the following amendment was

debated and agreed to:

Schedule 1, page 19, proposed subsection 46C(1), omit the subsection,

substitute the following subsection:

" "46C.(1) An ordinary search or a frisk search of a person under this

Part shall be conducted by:

(a) an inspector of the same sex as the person; or

(b) in a case where an inspector of the same sex as the person is

not available to conduct this search--any other person who is of

the same sex and is requested by an inspector to conduct the


Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill to be reported with amendments.

The Deputy President (Senator Crichton-Browne) resumed the Chair and the

Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator Teague) reported accordingly.

On the motion of the Minister for the Environment, Sport and

Territories(Senator Faulkner) the report from the committee was adopted

and the bill read a third time.