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Order of the day read for the consideration of the bill in committee of

the whole.

In the committee

Explanatory memorandum: The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for

Primary Industries and Energy (Senator Sherry) tabled a supplementary

explanatory memorandum relating to the Government amendments to be moved

to the bill.

Bill, taken as a whole by leave, debated.

On the motion of Senator Sherry the following amendments, taken together

by leave, were agreed to:

Schedule 2, page 20, heading to proposed amendment of the Acts

Interpretation Act 1901, omit the heading.

Schedule 2, pages 20 and 21, proposed amendment of the Acts

Interpretation Act 1901, item 1, omit the item.

Senator Margetts moved the following amendment:

Schedule 2, page 34, at end of Schedule, add the following amendment:

"Sex Discrimination Act 1984

"50. Section 40:

Add at the end:

"(7) Nothing in Division 1 or 2, as applying by reference to section

6, affects anything done by a person, after the disallowance of

regulation 16, in compliance with paragraph 67(b) of the Austudy

Regulations as that paragraph was in force on 31 December 1994.

"(8) In subsection (7), "regulation 16" means regulation 16 of the

Austudy Regulations (Amendment) contained in Statutory Rules 1994 No.

409 and disallowed by the Senate on 9 February 1995.'.".

Debate ensued.

Senator Sherry moved--That the committee report progress and ask leave

to sit again.

Statements by leave: The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator

Hill) and Senators Margetts and Bell, by leave, made statements relating

to the motion.

Question put and passed.

The Deputy President (Senator Crichton-Browne) resumed the Chair and the

Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator McGauran) reported that the

committee had considered the bill, made progress and asked leave to sit


Ordered, on the motion of Senator Sherry, that the committee have leave

to sit again on the next day of sitting.