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Senator Margetts, by leave, amended General Business notice of motion

no. 1316 standing in her name for this day to read as follows:

That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) with concern, the current shipment of a container of

glassified, highly radioactive, plutonium waste which

commenced its voyage from the French port of Cherbourg

to Japan in late February 1995, and

(ii) that one of the favoured routes for this shipment is

either through or adjacent to Australian waters; and

(b) calls on the Australian Government:

(i) to indicate in the strongest possible manner that this

nation will not accept the inherent dangers associated

with shipments of plutonium or plutonium waste in our


(ii) to push for a complete ban on this dangerous trade, and

(iii) to withdraw from the international plutonium economy by

ceasing uranium exports to Japan.

Motion determined as not formal: Senator Margetts requested that General

Business notice of motion no. 1316 standing in her name for this day,

relating to the transportation of plutonium waste, be taken as formal.

An objection was raised and the motion was not proceeded with as a

formal motion.

Suspension of standing orders: Senator Margetts, pursuant to contingent

notice, moved--That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would

prevent Senator Margetts moving a motion relating to the conduct of the

business of the Senate, namely a motion to give precedence to General

Business notice of motion no. 1316 standing in her name for this day

relating to the transportation of plutonium waste.

Debate ensued.

Question put.

The Senate divided--


Bell Bourne (Teller) Chamarette Coulter Harradine Kernot Lees Margetts Woodley

NOES, 44

Baume Beahan Boswell Brownhill Burns Calvert Carr Chapman Childs Coates Colston Cooney Crane Denman Evans, Christopher Ferguson Foreman Forshaw Gibson Jones Knowles Macdonald, Ian Macdonald, Sandy McGauran McKiernan McMullan Minchin Murphy Neal Newman O'Chee (Teller) Panizza Parer Patterson Reynolds Schacht Sherry Tambling Teague Tierney Troeth Watson West Woods

Question negatived.