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Senator Coulter: To move on the next day of sitting--Thatthe Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) the recent paper by Dr Hugh Saddler on subsidies to

fossil fuel industries in Australia,

(ii) that this study shows that since World War II the

fossil fuel industries in Australia have received a

variety of subsidies amounting to as much as $40


(iii) that no similar subsidy has been available to renewable

energy industries and that, as a result, the

development of these two competing industries has been

grossly distorted, and

(iv) that if similar subsidies had been available to

renewable energy sources these technologies would have

been far more prominent in this country; and

(b) calls on the Government to recognise that there are still

subsidies going to energy based on fossil fuel and to level the

playing field.

Senator Minchin: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the Federal Court's recent decision to quash a ban on the

building of the proposed Hindmarsh Island bridge in South

Australia by the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander Affairs (Mr Tickner);

(b) condemns the decision by the Minister to appeal against the


(c) criticises the Minister for his unacceptable interferencein

matters which should be the preserve of the South Australian

State Government; and

(d) voices its concerns about:

(i) the Minister prolonging the uncertainty about the

Hindmarsh Island bridge, and

(ii) the costs to South Australians in particular, and

Australian taxpayers in general, resulting from the

Minister's appalling decision.

The Chair of the Employment, Education and Training References Committee

(Senator Tierney): To move on the next day of sitting--

(1) That the following matters be referred to the

Employment,Education and Training References Committee for

inquiry and report by 26 October 1995:

In the context of the national strategy for vocational education

and training, "Towards a Skilled Australia', and with particular

concern for the role of the Australian National Training

Authority (ANTA), the committee will:

(a) examine the operation to date of the ANTA agreements with

the States and Territories;

(b) identify those factors which have been significant in

determining the extent to which those agreements have been

fulfilled, particularly in relation to maintenance of

effort by the States and Territories; factors which might

include, for example, State and Territory administration

and policy factors, student demographics, and the

effectiveness of links between ANTA, the States and

industry organisations;

(c) evaluate the planning and consultative processes

associated with the development of State training


(d) evaluate ANTA's progress to date in developing meaningful

outcome measures against which the training efforts of the

various State training agencies (TAFE, industry-based and

private training providers) might be assessed; and

(e) assess, within the vocational education and training

sector, the level of support for, and the expectations of,

ANTA and the national strategy "Towards a Skilled

Australia'; which assessment will draw upon the views of

industry training advisory bodies, small business groups,

employer and employee organisations, professional

associations of trainers, group training schemes, and

those groups identified in the national strategy as

under-represented in vocational education and training.

(2) The inquiry shall proceed as follows:

(a) there shall be a call for written submissions in the first


(b) in August 1995, on a date to be announced, a one day

public hearing will be held in Canberra to which the

committee will invite a number of witnesses selected

primarily on the basis of submissionsreceived; and

(c) thereafter the committee will determine what further

action, if any, shall be necessary to complete its


The Chair of the Employment, Education and Training References Committee

(Senator Tierney): To move on the next day of sitting--That the

following matters relating to Austudy be referred to the Employment,

Education and Training References Committee for inquiry and report by 29

June 1995, such matters being in addition to the issue of the impact of

assets tests on farming families' access to Austudy which is currently

subject to inquiry by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport

References Committee:

With regard to the structure and operation of Austudy, the

committee will:

(a) assess the extent to which the problems identified in the

1993-94 report of the Commonwealth Ombudsman, relating to

questions of eligibility, inappropriate advice to

applicants, and inconsistency between the Department of

Employment, Education and Training (DEET) and the Department

of Social Security (DSS) in the interpretation and

application of rules, are reflected in the experience of

students generally;

(b) examine and report on progress by DEET and DSS in the joint

resolution of administrative and associated

inconsistenciesbetween these agencies in the management of

applications for benefits;

(c) identify any structural features of the policy, regulatory

or operational framework of Austudy which might impede

resolution of the above difficulties;

(d) examine the level of indebtedness amongst students and the

implications for student support funding policies;

(e) assess the level of satisfaction of students with the

Commonwealth's interest free loans in lieu of Austudy


(f) report on allegations of Austudy fraud arising from alleged

failure to declare parental income and assets as required;


(g) assess any other perceived deficiencies in the current

Austudy scheme with regard to such matters as loans and

repayments, access to complementary benefits such as health

care and rental assistance, and the commensurability of

Austudy with other employment and social security income

support schemes.