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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection

Act--Declaration under section 12--1994 No. 11--Strehlow Collection.

Acts Interpretation Act--Statements pursuant to subsection 34C(6)

relating to the extension of specified period for presentation of the

Central Land Council Report 1993-94.

Aged or Disabled Persons Care Act--Guidelines--1995 No. 9BG 1.

Air Navigation Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 437 and


Anti-Dumping Authority Act--Instrument of Approval--1994 No. 1.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 415.

Australian Securities Commission Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 443.

Australian Sports Drug Agency Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 410.

Banking Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 417.

Banks (Shareholdings) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 431.

Charter of the United Nations Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

Nos 448 and 449.

Cheques and Payment Orders Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Child Care Act--Guidelines No. CCA/12A/94/2.

Christmas Island Act--

Casino Control Ordinance--

Appointment of members, dated 22 December 1994.

Declaration, dated 7 December 1994.

Ordinance--1994 No. 4.

Civil Aviation Act--

Exemption--1994 No. 08.


40--dated 19 January 1995.

105--dated 6, 7, 8, 9, 13[6], 20[4], 21[2], 22[8] and 23 December

1994 [3], 3[2], 5, 6[2], 12[9], 13[2], 18[5], 19[4], 23[10] and 24

January 1995.

106--dated 22 December 1994 [2], 9, 18[63], 20[2] and 23 January


107--dated 15 and 20 December 1994, 9 and 17 January 1995.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act--Ordinance--1994 No. 4.

Corporations Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 422 and 430.

Currency Act--Determinations--1994 Nos 4 and 5.

Customs Act--

Instrument of Approval--1994 No. 3.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 416 and 435.

Defence Act--

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal--Determinations--1994 Nos 17, 18

and 20.

Determinations under section 58B--1994 Nos 58-60 and 1995 Nos 1-3

and 5.

Defence (Visiting Forces) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Employment Services Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 445.

Export Control Act--Export Control (Orders) Regulations--Livestock

Export (Merino) Orders--1994 No. 2.

Export Inspection (Quantity Charge) Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 456.

Export Inspection (Establishment Registration Charges)

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 457.

Extradition Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 441.

Federal Court of Australia Act--Rules of Court--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 463.

Fisheries Management Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 419.

Fishing Levy Act and Fisheries Management Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 Nos 418 and 425-429.

Freedom of Information Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 433

and 434.

Grape Research Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 455.

Health Insurance Act--

Declaration--1994 No. QAA 5.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 413.

Statement of particulars of Ministerial determination made under

section 106AA, dated 15 December 1994.

Health Insurance Commission Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 450.

Income Tax Assessment Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 412

and 460-462.

Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment)

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 454.

Migration Act--

Policy Directions--1994 Nos 2 and 3.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 452.

Military Superannuation and Benefits Act--Instrument under subsection

5(1)--Military Superannuation and Benefits Trust Deed--Amendment--1994

No. 3.

Mutual Assistance in Business Regulation

Act--Regulations--StatutoryRules--1994 No. 421.

Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 442.

National Health Act--


1994 No. HIT 13.

1994-95 No. 13.

Instrument for the purposes of paragraph 40AA(6)(ce), 23 November


Principles--No. 24SH 4/94.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 451.

National Parks and Wildlife Conservation

Act--Regulations--StatutoryRules--1994 No. 411.

National Residue Survey (Game Animals) Levy

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 459.

Native Title Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 440.

Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act--

Codes of Practice--

Health Care Workers and Other People at Risk of the Transmission

of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis B in the

Workplace incorporating NOHSC declared Code of Practice

[NOHSC:2010(1993)] and including National Consensus Statements

[NOHSC:6001(1993) and NOHSC:6003(1990)] and Notice 1994 No.

1--Notice of approval.

Prevention of Occupational Overuse Syndrome incorporating NOHSC

declared Code of Practice [NOHSC:2013(1994)] and Notice 1994 No.

2--Notice of revocation and approval.

Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work

[NOHSC:2009(1993)], including National Standard for Occupational

Noise [NOHSC:1007(1993)], Guidelines for Occupational Health and

Safety Competency Standards for the Operation of Loadshifting

Equipment and Other Types of Specified Equipment

[NOHSC:7019(1992)] and Notice 1994 No. H1--Notice of approval.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 414.

Passenger Movement Charge Collection Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 436.

Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act, Horticultural

Levy Act and Horticultural Export Charge Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994No. 424.

Public Service Act--Determinations--

1994 Nos 91-95, 168, 186 and 195-203.

1995 Nos 100-103.

Radiocommunications Act--Class Licences--Personal Marine Distress

Beacons, dated 22 December 1994.

Remuneration Tribunal Act--

Determinations--1994 Nos 29-34.

Report--1994 No. 2.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act--Notice of Declaration

pursuant to section 5--1994 No. ACT2.

Service and Execution of Process Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 420.

States Grants (Petroleum Products) Act--Amendment of schemes--1994 No.


States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance)

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 439.

Stevedoring Industry Levy Collection Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 453.

Student Assistance Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 409 and


Superannuation Act 1976--

Determination under section 238--Superannuation (CSS) Period

Determination No. 8, dated 7 December 1994.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 447.

Superannuation Act 1990--Declaration--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 446.

Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 432.

Telecommunications Act--

Notices under section 246--1994 Nos TN 3 and TN 4.

Technical Standard--1994--

No. TS 003--Amendment 1994 No. 1.

No. TS 016.

Trade Practices Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 408.

University of Canberra Act--Statute--1994 No. 25.

Veterans' Entitlements Act--

Instruments--1994 Nos 11 and 12.

Instruments under section 196B--1994 Nos 75-80 and 1995 Nos 1-26.

Wheat Marketing Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 458.

Wine Grapes Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 423.