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Senator Burns, at the request of the Chair of the Standing Committee on

Publications (Senator McKiernan), tabled the following report:



The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with

the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Committee, having considered petitions and documents presented to

the Parliament since 19 October 1994, recommends that the following be


Aboriginal Hostels Limited--Report for period 27 June 1993 to 25 June


Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act--Administrative Appeals

Tribunal--Report for 1993-94.

Anglo-Australian Telescope Agreement Act--Anglo-Australian Telescope

Board--Report for 1993-94.

Audit Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Pig Research and Development Corporation.

Audit Act and Primary Industries and Energy Research and

DevelopmentAct--Sugar Research and Development Corporation and Sugar

Research and Development Corporation Selection Committee--Report for


Australian Film Commission Act--Film Australia Pty Ltd--Report for


Australian Film, Television and Radio School Act--Australian Film,

Television and Radio School--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Horticultural Corporation Act--Australian Horticultural

Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act--Safety

Review Committee--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Securities Commission Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Australian Accounting Standards Board.

Companies and Securities Advisory Committee.

Companies Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board.

Corporations and Securities Panel.

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act--Australian Wine and Brandy

Corporation--Report for 1993-94--Corrigenda.

Australian Wool Research and Promotion Organisation Act--Australian

Wool Research and Promotion Organisation--Report for period 1 December

1993 to 30 June 1994.

Automotive Industry Authority Repeal Act--Automotive Industry

Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Coal Industry Act--Joint Coal Board--Report for 1993-94.

Commissioner of Taxation--Report for 1993-94--Erratum.

Commonwealth Legal Aid Act--National Legal Aid Advisory

Committee--Report for 1993-94.

Copyright Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Audio-Visual Copyright Society Ltd.

Copyright Agency Limited.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation--Walking together: the first

steps--Report 1991-94.

Defence Housing Authority Act--Defence Housing Authority--Report for


Defending Australia--Defence White Paper 1994.

Exotic Animal Disease Control Act--Exotic Animal Disease Preparedness

Consultative Council (EXANDIS)--Report for 1993-94.

Family Law Act--Family Court of Australia--Report for 1993-94.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act--Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Horticultural Research and Development Corporation Act--Horticultural

Research and Development Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act--Human Rights and

Equal Opportunity Commission--

Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner--State of the Nation: a

report on people of non-English speaking backgrounds--Report for


Report for 1993-94.

Industrial Relations Act--Industrial Relations Court of

Australia--Report for period 30 March to 30 June 1994.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report--Defence

procurement, 30 August 1994 (No. 41).

National Gallery Act--National Gallery of Australia--Report for


National Health Act--Private Health Insurance Administration

Council--Operations of the registered health benefits

organisations--Report for 1993-94.

National Rail Corporation Agreement Act--National Rail Corporation

Limited--Report for 1993-94.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Safeguards) Act--Australian Safeguards

Office--Report for 1993-94.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Pricing Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Pooled Development Funds Act--PDF Registration Board--Report for


Poultry Industry Assistance Act--Report for 1993-94.

Prices Surveillance Act--Prices Surveillance Authority--Report for


Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act--Reports

for 1993-94--

Chicken Meat Research and Development Council.

Egg Industry Research and Development Council.

Honeybee Research and Development Council.

Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act--Report for 1993-94 on the

Act and the administration of the National Cultural Heritage Fund.

Rural Adjustment Act--Rural Adjustment Scheme Advisory Council--Report

for 1993-94, including a report for 1993-94 on the Rural Adjustment


Wool International Act--Wool International--Report for period 1

December 1993 to 30 June 1994.



8 December 1994

Senator Burns, by leave, moved--That the report be adopted.

Question put and passed.