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The Chair of the Legal and Constitutional References Committee (Senator

Ellison), by leave, moved--That the following matter be referred to the

committee for inquiry and report on or before 24 August 1995:

The meaning and operation of section 51(xxix) of the Constitution with

particular reference to:

(a) the Commonwealth Parliament's function in ratifying

international treaties and conventions entered into by the

Australian Government;

(b) the Commonwealth Parliament's role in ensuring that the

management of such treaties and conventions by the Executive is

consistent with the spirit and intent of the Constitution;

(c) the means by which the Commonwealth Parliament pursuant to

section 51(xxix) of the Constitution should regulate the Federal

Government'spower with respect to implementation of treaties and

conventions which have been entered into;

(d) the extent to which it is desirable to proscribe the Federal

Government's executive power to enter into such conventions and

treaties; and

(e) the operation of equivalent external affairs powers by other


Debate ensued.

Question put and passed.