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The Acting Deputy President (Senator West) informed the Senate that the

President had received letters requesting changes in the membership of

various committees.

The Minister for Trade (Senator McMullan), by leave, moved--That

Senators be appointed to and discharged from committees as follows:

House Committee (standing order 21)

Discharged: Senator Colston.

Appointed: Senator Beahan.

Economics Legislation Committee (standing order 25)

Substitute member: Senator Kernot to replace Senator Spindler for

the consideration of the Income Tax (Deficit Deferral) Bill 1994,

Income Tax Rates Amendment Bill 1994 and the Taxation Laws Amendment

Bill (No. 4) 1994 on Friday, 2 December 1994.

Legal and Constitutional Legislation Committee (standing order 25)

Participating member: Senator Knowles.

Select Committee on Unresolved Whistleblower Cases (order of the

Senate of 1 December 1994)

Appointed: Senators Abetz, Chamarette, Denman, Herron, Sandy

Macdonald, Murphy and Woodley.

Question put and passed.

At 10.30 p.m.--