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Senator Burns, at the request of the Chair of the Standing Committee on

Publications (Senator McKiernan), tabled the following report:



The Publications Committee reports that it has met in conference with

the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Committee, having considered petitions and documents presented to

the Parliament since 18 October 1994, recommends that the following be


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act--Aboriginaland

Torres Strait Islander Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Aboriginal Deaths in Custody--Royal Commission--Implementation of

New South Wales Government responses to the recommendations of the

Royal Commission--Report for 1992-93.

Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act--

Aboriginal Land Commissioner--Report for 1993-94.

Aboriginals Benefit Trust Account--Report for 1993-94.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act--Administrative Review

Council--Report for 1993-94.

Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women)

Act--Affirmative Action Agency--Report for period 1 June 1993 to 31

May 1994.

Archives Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Advisory Council on Australian Archives.

Australian Archives.

Audit Act--


Report No. 2--Department of Defence--Follow-up audit: management

of Army training areas--Preliminary study: acquisition of

additional F-111 aircraft.

Report No. 4--Project Audit--Special investigation into

Casselden Place building, Melbourne: Department of

Administrative Services.

Report No. 5--Follow-up audits--Department of Employment,

Education and Training: New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS):

protective security: AUSTUDY.

Report No. 6--Efficiency audit--Australian Taxation Office:

information technology security.

Report No. 8--Aggregate financial statement prepared by the

Minister for Finance year ended 30 June 1994.

Reports for 1993-94--

Dairy Research and Development Corporation.

Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation.

National Registration Authority for Agricultural and Veterinary


Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation.

Audit Act and Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development

Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Energy Research and Development Corporation and Energy Research

and Development Corporation Selection Committee.

Grains Research and Development Corporation and Grains Research

and Development Corporation Selection Committee.

Australia Council Act--Australia Council--Report for 1993-94.

Australia-Japan Foundation Act--Australia-Japan Foundation--Report

for 1993-94.

Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation Act--Telstra

Corporation Limited--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act--Australian

BroadcastingCorporation--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act--Australian Bureau of

Statistics--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Act--Australian Centre for International Agricultural

Research--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Federal Police Act--Australian Federal Police--

Report for 1993-94.

Report for 1993-94--Erratum.

Australian Film Commission Act--Australian Film Commission--Report

for 1993-94.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act--Australian Institute

of Health and Welfare--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Institute of Marine Science Act--Australian Institute of

Marine Science--Report for 1993-94.

Australian National Maritime Museum Act--Australian National

Maritime Museum--Report for 1993-94.

Australian National Training Authority Act--Australian National

Training Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Act--Reports

for 1993-94--

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Nuclear Safety Bureau.

Australian Postal Corporation Act--Australian Postal

Corporation(Australia Post)--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Science and Technology Council Act--Australian Science

and Technology Council--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Securities Commission Act--Australian Securities

Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Security Intelligence Organization Act--Australian

Security Intelligence Organization--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Sports Commission Act--Australian Sports

Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Tourist Commission Act--Australian Tourist

Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Australian Trade Commission Act--Australian Trade Commission

(AUSTRADE)--Report for 1993-94.

Australian War Memorial Act--Australian War Memorial--Report for


Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act--Australian Wine and

Brandy Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Bankruptcy Act--Report for 1993-94 on the operation of the Act.

Broadcasting Services Act--Australian Broadcasting Authority--Report

for 1993-94.

Bureau of Meteorology--Report for 1993-94.

Civil Aviation Act--Civil Aviation Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Commonwealth Banks Act--

Commonwealth Bank of Australia--Report for 1993-94.

Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia--Financial statements

for 1993-94.

Commonwealth Electoral Act--

Australian Electoral Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Redistribution of electoral divisions, 1994--Australian Capital


Commonwealth Fire Board--Report for 1993-94.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Act--Council for Aboriginal

Reconciliation--Report for 1993-94.

Criminology Research Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Australian Institute of Criminology.

Criminology Research Council.

Dairy Produce Act--Australian Dairy Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Act--Defence Force

Retirement and Death Benefits Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Development Allowance Authority Act--Development Allowance

Authority--Report for 1993-94.

Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of

Employment, Education and Training--Report for 1993-94.

Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Region) Act--Supervising

Scientist for the Alligator Rivers Region--Report for 1993-94.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Act--Export Finance and

Insurance Corporation--Report for 1993-94.

Family Law Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Family Law Council.

Federal Court of Australia Act--Federal Court of Australia--Report

for 1993-94.

Foreign Investment Review Board--Report for 1993-94.

Freedom of Information Act--Report for 1993-94 on the operation of

the Act.

Health Insurance Commission Act--Health Insurance Commission--Report

for 1993-94.

High Court of Australia Act--High Court of Australia--Report for


Housing Assistance Act--Report for 1992-93 on the operation of the


Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment)

Act--NationalIndustrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment

Scheme--Report for 1993-94.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security

Act--Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security--Report for


International Air Services Commission Act--InternationalAir Services

Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Law Reform Commission Act--Law Reform Commission--

Report for 1993-94.

Report No. 70 (interim)--Child care for kids: review of

legislation administered by the Department of Human Services and


Leasing by the Commonwealth of accommodation in Centenary

House--Royal Commission--Report of the Commissioner (Hon. T R

Morling, QC).

Life Insurance Act, Insurance Act, Insurance (Agents and Brokers)

Act and Occupational Superannuation Standards Act--Insurance and

Superannuation Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Members of Parliament (Staff) Act--Report for 1993-94 on consultants

engaged under section 4.

Military Superannuation and Benefits Act--Military Superannuation

and Benefits Board of Trustees No.1--Report for 1993-94.

Murray-Darling Basin Act--Murray-Darling Basin Commission--Report

for 1993-94.

National Crime Authority Act--National Crime Authority--Report for


National Health and Medical Research Council Act--National Health

and Medical Research Council--Report for 1993.

National Library Act--National Library of Australia--Report for


National Museum of Australia Act--National Museum of

Australia--Report for 1993-94.

National Occupational Health and Safety Commission

Act--NationalOccupational Health and Safety Commission (Worksafe

Australia)--Report for 1993-94.

National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act--Australian Nature

Conservation Agency--Report for 1993-94.

Native Title Act--National Native Title Tribunal--Report for the

period 1 January to 30 June 1994.

Papua New Guinea (Staffing Assistance) Act--Commissioner for

Superannuation--Papua New Guinea Superannuation Scheme and certain

other schemes--Report for 1993-94.

Parliamentary Counsel Act--Office of Parliamentary Counsel--Report

for 1993-94.

Public Accounts--Joint Committee--Report 334--Annual report of

activities 1993-94.

Public Lending Right Act--Public Lending Right Committee--Reportfor


Public Service Act--Reports for 1993-94--

Attorney-General's Department.

Department of Administrative Services.

Department of Communications and the Arts.

Department of Defence.

Department of Employment, Education and Training.

Department of Finance.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Department of Housing and Regional Development, including a report

pursuant to the First Home Owners Act.

Department of Human Services and Health.

Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.

Department of Industrial Relations--Report for 1993-94.

Department of Primary Industries and Energy.

Department of Social Security.

Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories.

Department of the Parliamentary Library.

Department of Transport.

Joint House Department.

Public Service Commissioner.

Public Works--Parliamentary Standing Committee--

9th report of 1994--Midlife upgrade of Blamey Barracks, Kapooka,

New South Wales.

10th report of 1994--Stage 2 redevelopment of the Royal Military

College, Duntroon, ACT.

Qantas Airways Limited--Report for 1993-94.

Royal Australian Air Force Veterans' Residences Act--Royal

Australian Air Force Veterans' Residences Trust--Report for 1993-94.

Royal Australian Mint--Report for 1993-94.

Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act--Comcare Australia and

the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission--

Report for 1993-94.

Report for 1993-94--Erratum.

Science and Industry Research Act--Commonwealth Scientific and

Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)--Report for 1993-94.

Snowy Mountains Council--Report for 1993-94.

Special Broadcasting Service Act--Special Broadcasting Service

Corporation (SBS)--Report for 1993-94.

Stevedoring Industry Finance Committee Act--Stevedoring Industry

Finance Committee--Report for 1993-94.

Superannuation Act 1976--

Commissioner for Superannuation and Commonwealth Superannuation

Administration--Report for 1993-94.

Commissioner for Superannuation--Report for 1993-94.

Commonwealth Superannuation Board of Trustees No. 2--

Report for 1993-94.

Report for 1993-94--Erratum.

Superannuation Act 1990--Commonwealth Superannuation Board of

Trustees No. 1--

Report for 1993-94.

Report for 1993-94--Erratum.

Telecommunications Act 1991--Australian Telecommunications Authority

(AUSTEL)--Report for 1993-94.

Veterans' Entitlements Act--Veterans' Review Board--Report for


Veterans' Entitlements Act and Public Service Act--Repatriation

Commission and the Department of Veterans' Affairs--Report for




17 November 1994

Senator Burns, by leave, moved--That the reported be adopted.

Question put and passed.