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The following 5 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators

indicated, were received:

Senator Bell, from 62 petitioners requesting that the Senate endorse

the December 1995 deadline established by the London Dumping

Convention to end the dumping of jarosite at sea.

Senator Chamarette, from 82 petitioners requesting that genital

mutilation be classified as an illegal activity and that

discrimination on the grounds of sex be sufficient reason for granting

refugee status.

Senator Kernot, from 44 petitioners requesting that the Senate oppose

attempts by the Government to raise the pension age for women from 60

to 65 years.

Senator Kernot, from 52 petitioners requesting that the Senate take

action to halt the construction of the marina and access channel at

Oyster Point.

Senator Knowles, from 361 petitioners requesting that the Senate allow

the laws of individual States to stand as they are.