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Senator Reid amended her notice of motion by leave and, pursuant to

notice of motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved--That the


(a) calls for the immediate release of the Gari Fourteen, a group of

Buddhist nuns from Gari nunnery who are detained within the

Chinese prison system in Tibet;

(b) notes reports that these young nuns and other Tibetan political

prisoners are subjected to routine torture, are used as forced

labour and have limited access to medical treatment;

(c) acknowledges that whilst it is alleged that 12 of the nuns were

arrested for taking part in a pro-independence rally on 14 June

1993, there are no witnesses to a rally that day, and no

evidence exists that it ever occurred; and

(d) calls on the leaders of the People's Republic of China to comply

with both the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human

Rights and the Convention Against Torture.

Question put and passed.