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Order of the day read for the further consideration of the bill in

committee of the whole.

In the committee

Consideration resumed of clause 3, as amended--and of the amendments

moved by Senator Chamarette (see entry no. 14):

Debate resumed.

Documents: Senator Campbell, by leave, tabled the following documents:

ATSIC Amendment (Indigenous Land Corporation and Land Fund) Bill

1994--Government of Western Australia Task Force on Aboriginal Social

Justice--Report: volume 1, 2 and summary, dated April 1994.

Debate continued.

Senator Chamarette, by leave, amended her amendments as follows:

Proposed paragraph 191P(5)(c), omit "to ensure that", substitute "to

ensure as far as is practicable that".

Debate continued.

Question--That the amendments be agreed to--put and passed.

Senator Ellison moved the following amendment:

Clause 3, page 11, at end of proposed section 191N, add the following


Copy to be tabled in each House

" "(7) The Minister must cause a copy of the national indigenous land

strategy or of any changes made to the national indigenous land

strategy to be presented to each House of the Parliament within 15

sitting days of that House after the Minister has received the


National indigenous land strategy etc. to be disallowable by either

House of Parliament

"(8) The national indigenous land strategy, and changes made to the

national indigenous land strategy, are disallowable instruments for

the purposes of section 46A of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.

Land not to be purchased, moneys not to be distributed, etc., until

after national indigenous land strategy has been tabled etc.

"(9) The Indigenous Land Corporation must ensure that no land, or

interest in land, is purchased and that no moneys are distributed for

the performance of its functions under sections 191D and 191E before

the time has expired during which either House may disallow, or be

deemed to have disallowed:

(a) the national indigenous land strategy; and

(b) if the national indigenous land strategy has been disallowed or

deemed to have been disallowed by either House, a new national

indigenous land strategy.".

Debate ensued.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Energy (Senator Collins)

moved--That the committee report progress and ask leave to sit again.

Question put and passed.

The President resumed the Chair and the Temporary Chairman of Committees

(Senator Chapman) reported that the committee had considered the bill,

made progress and asked leave to sit again.

Ordered, on the motion of Senator Collins, that the committee have leave

to sit again on the next day of sitting.