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Senator Baume, pursuant to notice, moved--That, acknowledging the

desirability of avoiding any potential for conflict of interest between

the private interests and public duty of Prime Ministers of Australia,

the following matter be referred to the Finance and Public

Administration References Committee for inquiry and report by 1 December


Whether existing disclosure provisions for Prime Ministers are

credible and whether Prime Ministers should be accountable for their

acquisitions of assets and liabilities while in office, and, if so, to

whom, and whether the details to be revealed should be similar to

those required of ministers under existing Cabinet rules.

Debate ensued.

Senator Bourne moved the following amendment:

Insert "and Leaders of the Opposition" after "Prime Ministers" (second

and third occurring).

Debate ensued.

Question--That the amendment be agreed to--put and passed.

Main question, as amended, put.

The Senate divided--

AYES, 42

Abetz Alston Baume Bell Boswell Bourne Brownhill Calvert Campbell Chamarette Chapman Crichton-Browne Ellison Ferguson Gibson Harradine Herron Hill Kemp Kernot Knowles Lees Macdonald, Sandy MacGibbon McGauran Margetts Minchin O'Chee Panizza (Teller) Parer Patterson Reid Short Spindler Tambling Teague Tierney Troeth Vanstone Watson Woodley Woods

NOES, 24

Bolkus Burns Carr Childs Coates Collins Colston Cooney Crowley Denman Devereux Evans, Christopher Evans, Gareth Foreman (Teller) Forshaw Loosley McKiernan Murphy Neal Ray Reynolds Sherry West Zakharov

Question agreed to.