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Senator Bourne, at the request of Senator Bell and pursuant to notice of

motion not objected to as a formal motion, moved--That the Senate--

(a) notes that:

(i) the students of Albuera Street Primary School have

written to members of Federal Parliament recognising

that Australia was a participant in the World Summit

for Children in 1990 and was committed to the World

Declaration for the Survival, Protection and

Development of Children,

(ii) the students reminded members that the declaration's

main goals to be achieved by the year 2000 were:

(A) a one-third reduction in deaths of children under the

age of 5 years,

(B) halving the deaths of mothers associated with


(C) safe water and sanitation for all families,

(D) basic education for all children,

(E) completion of primary education by at least 50 per

cent of children,

(F) halving of the adult illiteracy rate,

(G) the achievement of equal educational opportunities

for males and females, and

(H) protection of children in especially difficult

circumstances such as war; and

(b) asks the Government to agree with the remedies suggested by the

students of Albuera Street Primary School, which are to increase

aid funding for basic education and to provide safe water and

sanitation for the poorer parts of the world.

Question put and passed.